Man with box of belongings
JOB SEARCH / SEP 27, 2017

Getting fired is probably one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever have in your career, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your professional journey...
5 Indications That You Might Get Fired

In most workplaces, employees don’t usually receive an advanced warning that that they are about to lose their jobs. As a result, many people continue working as if...
10 Ways to Deal with Your Feelings While Out of Work
JOB SEARCH / MAY 16, 2015

Being out of work is a stressful time. Unemployment checks may only be a fraction of your regular earnings, and you might blow through your savings account trying to make...
How to Handle the Situation When Your Partner is Unemployed
JOB SEARCH / MAR 06, 2015

Unemployment leads to financial stress and that can wreak havoc to the relationship between spouses or partners. This stressful situation can lead to divorce or the...
5 Stages of Job Loss Depression
JOB SEARCH / FEB 06, 2015

Whether you have been laid off due to tough economic times or fired because of your abject work performance, losing your job can bring immense grief that sometimes feels...
girl with shopping bags
JOB SEARCH / OCT 09, 2014

Single-use plastic shopping bags are now officially banned in California, which will go into full effect by next year.  Governor Jerry Brown signed bill SB270 Tuesday...
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