Top 5 Most Influential People from Guatemala
BREAK ROOM / FEB 18, 2015

Guatemala is one of the most populous Central American countries. It primary exports are agricultural and ethanol. Unfortunately Guatemala has seen quite a bit of...
Argentina flag
BREAK ROOM / FEB 06, 2015

Just as you would expect, since Argentina is known for its elite national soccer team, some of the most influential people from this country have managed to become...
belgium flag
BREAK ROOM / FEB 05, 2015

In case you didn’t know, Belgium is more than just delicious chocolate, waffles and beer. There are currently many popular Belgian personalities that are prominent in the...
The 5 Most Influential People from Japan
BREAK ROOM / FEB 01, 2015

Japan is a country of contrasts, a land caught between strong traditionalism and a place made famous for its technological superiority and innovation. Japan went from...
aishwarya india
BREAK ROOM / JAN 30, 2015

India is famous for its successful Bollywood productions which currently constitute one of the largest centres of film production in the world. The Hindi language film...
France Love
BREAK ROOM / JAN 29, 2015

The French are known for a number of things, including their cuisine, wine, champagne, cheese, the Eiffel Tower (which is said to appear in every film set in Paris), and...
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