man bored at work
WORKPLACE / JUN 27, 2016

Nobody likes it when things move slowly at work but is there anything you can do? According to this video there is! In fact, here are 10 things to do. Having a bad day at...
women working
WORKPLACE / MAY 31, 2016

It can be difficult to work when your office desk is a total mess. All those random documents, wires, half-eaten sandwiches and dirty cups of tea make it really hard to...
businessman relaxing
BREAK ROOM / MAY 31, 2016

A recent survey from Ernest & Young shows that one-third of full-time workers feel that work-life balance has become more difficult in the last five years, and the...
hands holding mobile and tablets
WORKPLACE / APR 27, 2016

Working for a startup can either be a blessing or a curse. There is really no middle ground. This means that you either love it, or you hate it. As a startup employee...
drinking coffee
WORKPLACE / APR 21, 2016

What does a parkour, a base jumping energy drink guzzling crack head and a cute little British grandma have in common? Well, they are both pretty addicted to caffeine...
young couple in love on sail boat
BREAK ROOM / APR 20, 2016

We can’t stress enough the importance on regularly asking for time off work and going on holiday. Not only does it decrease the risk of heart disease and depression, but...
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