Businessman reading resume
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / MAY 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered why Europeans apply for a job with a CV and Americans use a résumé? You probably thought it was just a play on words, that they’re both the same...
clara aniston resume template
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / MAR 01, 2017

This article is brought to you by Freesumes, the home of high quality free resume templates that perform. A leading provider of helpful tips and job seeking advice for...
heart attack
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / JAN 02, 2016

Resumes are an absolute necessity when looking for a job; they list your education, qualifications and credentials that will make you the perfect candidate for any...
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / AUG 09, 2015

A powerful resume is vital to effective job hunting in the health care industry. Not only does it help you summarise your skills, education and experience, but it also...
Comic Strip Resume
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / JUL 03, 2015

Resumes are no longer the printed piece of paper glorifying the job applicant in front of the hiring manager. Nowadays, you need more than just information to get...
How to Use an Addendum on Your Resume
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / JUN 19, 2015

An addendum on a resume is a one page document that is added to expand upon specified skills or workplace experience in further detail. There are certain circumstances...
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