Confident businessman looking out window
WORKPLACE / MAR 26, 2018

Confidence – that thing that most of us are full of as young adults, sailing through life without receiving any criticism. Yet your first blow at work can make that...
success businessman entrepreneur

Staying motivated and being successful as an entrepreneur go hand in hand. But, how do you keep yourself motivated? These tips should give you a hand! To succeed as an...
ellen and madonna
BREAK ROOM / DEC 10, 2015

Charisma: literally translated as "gift from god." Before you click away thinking "well, if it’s a gift from god, then it’s obviously innate and there’s nothing I can do...
the great gatsby
BREAK ROOM / NOV 14, 2015

Being awesome everyday would be so much easier if you were a charismatic actor who played a likeable character in a popular show, or if you had been preparing for a...
BREAK ROOM / OCT 07, 2015

In a way, we all think of ourselves as smart individuals. Nobody calls himself or herself a genius 24/7, apart from hardcore narcissists, but we all see our own mind as...
Diffuse and Disarm girl fight
WORKPLACE / SEP 20, 2015

If you take a look at all the highest achievers and leaders in any field, strength and force of personality is always a common trait. They know what they’re about, what...
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