Billie Bob Thornton as Willie T. Stokes in the movie 'Bad Santa' (2003)
JOB SEARCH / NOV 24, 2017

As Christmas starts to get closer and the festivities start to ramp up a notch, money can start to become a little light in the pocket, what with all the gift buying, the...
zero hour contract
WORKPLACE / SEP 18, 2017

Finding any job can be tricky in this day and age, and many employees are getting trapped in boring professions they didn't set out for. But everyone needs to get a job...
man looking at laptop wearing stripy socks with santa hat on the wall
CVS & RÉSUMÉS / NOV 24, 2016

If you’re applying for a Christmas job while at University, or just to get some extra cash for the holidays, your CV might need some fine tuning to get hired. Although...
young woman running outdoors on a modern bridge

A temporary job can be beneficial to both the employer and the employee. When a company can’t afford to take on full time workers, turning to a temp agency that can cover...
Temporary Work - The Best Thing You Can do While You’re Unemployed
JOB SEARCH / APR 30, 2014

Despite my efforts to build my experience to ensure a job after college, life isn’t always that easy. Several interviews and recruiters later, I still continue to search...
Why Temporary Work can be the Best Way to Land Your Dream Job
JOB SEARCH / JAN 28, 2014

After getting rid of the majority of my worldly possessions, I jumped on a plane from New Zealand and jet-setted across the globe. I arrived in London with nothing but a...
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