Anchorman 2 still
BREAK ROOM / AUG 31, 2015

Of course they do, are you slow or something? I mean, it’s a well-accepted fact that news channels are usually leaned on heavily by politicians and parties that they...
Tyrion Lannister Looking Sad
JOB SEARCH / AUG 31, 2015

How we feel about our jobs can often change depending on the day, our mood, how busy it is and even if we’re hungry or have low blood sugar. The decision to quit our job...
Keira Knightley Elephant
BREAK ROOM / AUG 31, 2015

So, you have some serious wanderlust and dream of having a job that allows you to travel the world. It’s not that you hate your job and want to quit; you love what you...
secretary dirty sexy
BREAK ROOM / AUG 18, 2015

Job vacancies are usually professionally written, and are designed to represent the company’s image. However, sometimes, there are some vacancies that make jobseekers...
travel it's better in the bahamas
BREAK ROOM / JUL 09, 2015

We all want to wake up in the morning with tons of energy, ready for the office and whatever the busy day brings. But many of us wake up even more exhausted than we were...
Hungry meat

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system designed to assist the owners of food businesses in making sure that the food they produce and handle is...
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