man with union jack suitcase
JOB SEARCH / SEP 19, 2016

While unemployment in the UK is shrinking there is a chance it becomes a big issue. Would you move abroad for work? This is why you may need to do it. After the effects...
Woman and robot playing chess
WEB & TECH / JUN 24, 2016

We have grown used to automation: it’s everywhere in our daily lives, including our phones, even supermarket doors. And now – it might replace humans. I know that sounds...
Excited man taking selfie
JOB SEARCH / MAR 27, 2016

They say love is a battlefield but I beg to differ though because there are many more people that lost limbs, life and dignity on the field of social protocol. The...
JOB SEARCH / FEB 17, 2016

Your tiny apartment is starting to feel claustrophobic and your city is starting to feel like a two horse (a little bit bigger than a one horse) town, so you want to...
man at sea
JOB SEARCH / FEB 11, 2016

Being unemployed can be a terrifying situation to find yourself in. Having no income means that you can easily fall behind financial obligations, have trouble with your...
getting fired

Getting fired is never easy, it always takes a toll on your career, your confidence and your professionalism. But if you’ve been getting fired non-stop from jobs, then...
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