Overhead view of a group of business people eating lunch
WORKPLACE / NOV 22, 2018

A business meeting can make or break your reputation as a professional, depending on how you handle yourself and what you discuss. It’s not a time to indulge in good food...
the big bang theory
JOB SEARCH / DEC 09, 2015

The whole process of getting a new job is full of ups and downs. There are times it feels like everything is moving too fast and others when progress feels glacial. You...
How I met your mother

The good news is that you’ve got the job. The bad news is that no one seems to be taking you or your ideas seriously and they’re making you feel like a waste of space...
beyonce queen
WORKPLACE / SEP 24, 2015

Being the leader of the pack has always come naturally to you. Although you don’t like the term queen bee, they have all called you like this a number of times. The funny...
Mad Men Peggy
WORKPLACE / SEP 10, 2015

You’ve always been the type of person to go against the grain. As far back as you can remember, you have always been the rebel. When you were five, you challenged...
Taylor Swift's Squad
WORKPLACE / SEP 09, 2015

When you were in college, you formed a group of friends that compared to none. You didn’t necessarily hand pick these people, but you didn’t exactly dismiss them. You met...
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