How to Keep Your Morale Up During Trying Times at Work
BREAK ROOM / MAY 03, 2015

When the office is consumed with deadlines, stressed out staff and a micromanaging supervisor, it can be quite tough keeping up your morale. Although the corporate...
How to Be a Good Parent to Yourself in Order to Be Successful
BREAK ROOM / MAR 31, 2015

Good parents know that routines, boundaries and firm but loving discipline are the keys to successful parenting. It worked when you were a kid – so why shouldn’t it work...
5 Reasons Why Having a Business Card is Important

A business card is your personal ticket. It’s the one thing that’s truly unique to you because nobody can copy it. Even if you offer the same services as another company...
5 Tips for Regaining Control Over Your Email

I went on holiday earlier this year and in an attempt to completely recharge from the daily endeavours of work, I pledged to disconnect completely.  No laptop, no...
Acknowledge Your Facebook Distractions & Avoid Them
WEB & TECH / JUN 15, 2014

If you are a Facebook user, regardless of whether you work online or in an office job, you know what a distraction it can be when you are trying to get work done. I find...
What Is Bitcoin?
WEB & TECH / JUN 10, 2014

Bitcoin. Digital currency. You’ve probably at least heard of Bitcoin, and likely in some pretty negative light. The digital currency has suffered some bad publicity in...
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