Woman with flirty boss
WORKPLACE / JAN 17, 2018

Has your boss been texting you about random things late in the evening? Or bringing you an extra hot latte in the morning, when no one else has been receiving this little...
Sad woman at desk
WORKPLACE / JAN 08, 2018

Although we’ve come a long way throughout history by gaining the right to work and vote, there is still an obvious gender bias that lingers within the workplace – whether...
Boss guilty of favoritism with colleagues
WORKPLACE / DEC 01, 2017

Favouritism can be hugely detrimental to the morale and productivity of a workplace, causing resentment and a lack of motivation for other employees. It is important for...
women being silenced with tape on her mouth
WORKPLACE / NOV 23, 2017

Your college Bob calls you “sweetheart”, makes jokes about women drivers, ‘your monthly’ and suggests that you bake the boss’s cake ‘because you’re a woman and like that...
bad boss shouting
WORKPLACE / NOV 22, 2017

In recent years, it has become a widely acknowledged, data-quantified truth that people don’t in fact leave jobs, but rather managers, with poor and ineffective...
man sexually harassing woman at work
WORKPLACE / OCT 20, 2017

Sexual harassment is something that women are faced with on a daily basis, but choose to stay silent about for fear of losing their job or being alienated. They often...
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