Close-up of a woman's hand placing the final piece of a puzzle that says 'emotional intelligence'

While there are many factors that determine the success of employees in the workplace, it’s fair to surmise that emotional intelligence is near the top of this list. In...
Woman making a gesture to strangle her coworker
WORKPLACE / JAN 11, 2019

Do you walk into the kitchen and the chatter turns into complete silence with people scuffling passed you to get out? Does Susan (your cubicle mate) roll her eyes every...
Close-up of a Secret Santa gift on a desk
BREAK ROOM / DEC 19, 2018

Secret Santa can be both fun and stressful. Draw your work bestie, and you’ve probably got a list of gift ideas already prepared, but if you land on someone you only met...
Group of young people having fun and celebrating Christmas
BREAK ROOM / DEC 13, 2018

The holiday season is a time of many worries: what to get your Secret Santa when you have no idea who they are beyond a name on the office call list, how to fit in...
Work friends high-fiving
WORKPLACE / FEB 20, 2018

We all want to make friends at work. With the number of hours the average employee spends in the office, it’s important to be surrounded by people you actually like; it...
Woman with flirty boss
WORKPLACE / JAN 17, 2018

Has your boss been texting you about random things late in the evening? Or bringing you an extra hot latte in the morning, when no one else has been receiving this little...
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