Businessman feeling hot and cooling down in front of fan
WORKPLACE / JUL 12, 2018

The sun has finally come out to play but, sadly, it’s on a dreaded weekday (again!) and you have to drag your lethargic self into work. But just the simple thought of...
Pregnant woman writing maternity leave in notebook
WORKPLACE / APR 10, 2018

Finding out that you’re expecting a baby is great news. Your first reaction will no doubt be one of joy (especially if you’ve been planning to have a baby), but this is...
Woman smoking at work
WORKPLACE / FEB 28, 2018

Smoking in the workplace is quite a controversial topic and one that can be argued extensively. One side of the debate, smokers should have the right to smoke while at...
bad boss stories
WORKPLACE / DEC 14, 2017

Horrible bosses like Miranda Priestly, Bill Lumbergh, David Brent and Bobby Pellitt don’t just exist in Hollywood – they exist in real life, too. And I’m sure many of you...
Man yelling at woman at work
WORKPLACE / JUL 26, 2017

According to the Trades Union Congress, one in every three people in the UK has had to deal with bullying at work. Studies also show that women are the biggest victims of...
Equality rights at work
WORKPLACE / FEB 16, 2017

Do you know what the minimum wage you should be earning is or how much notice an employer should provide you with when refusing your leave request? Do you know what your...
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