Smiling young woman sitting at her desk and looking at her watch
WORKPLACE / FEB 08, 2019

Fridays are a strange day at work – you’re excited for the weekend, but you first need to get through the next eight hours before you’re a free bird. But those eight...
A young woman sitting at her desk with her face in her hands
WORKPLACE / JAN 31, 2019

Most working people spend at least eight hours in the office during the day, and in those eight (or so) hours, a lot can go wrong – from laddered tights to papercuts and...
Close-up of a businessman's hands protecting a wooden seesaw between 'work' and 'life'
BREAK ROOM / JAN 08, 2019

With so many of us striving for success, we are clocking in more hours at the office and neglecting our personal goals and general wellbeing, making it almost impossible...
'Time for review' written on piece of paper next to stationery on a desk

Does the mention of a performance review get your heart racing 100mph and your palms sweaty? If so, rest safe in the knowledge that you’re not the only one feeling this...
Happy colleagues in office playing and having a good time
WORKPLACE / JUL 19, 2018

A recent survey found that most Americans suffer 60 terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days a year – or about two months’ worth. The reasons are plenty: work-related...
Diverse team of workers laughing

No matter where you work, it’s crucial that you always carry yourself with professionalism and grace in the workplace – especially considering how it can impact your...
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