7 Hugely Influential Figures That Never Lived
BREAK ROOM / JUN 04, 2015

You’ve probably read a million lists about people who’ve made millions, done this and done that. That’s fine, of course – I write some of those lists. But today’s list is...
Top 5 Most Influential People From Bolivia
BREAK ROOM / FEB 22, 2015

Bolivia is a beautiful South American country that is located around the central area of the Andes and is home to the Rio Grande. As beautiful as the country is though...
south africa
BREAK ROOM / FEB 13, 2015

South Africa is a country that encompasses a variety of cultures, languages and religions. Apart from that, and its beautiful old archeological sites of course, the...
Jennifer Aniston
BREAK ROOM / FEB 07, 2015

Greece is the country that gave us Gyro’s and Aristotle. It has been the bridge between the Middle East and Europe, both in terms of commerce and culture. The Golden Age...
Argentina flag
BREAK ROOM / FEB 06, 2015

Just as you would expect, since Argentina is known for its elite national soccer team, some of the most influential people from this country have managed to become...
belgium flag
BREAK ROOM / FEB 05, 2015

In case you didn’t know, Belgium is more than just delicious chocolate, waffles and beer. There are currently many popular Belgian personalities that are prominent in the...
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