5 Ways You Are Gambling With Your Cash
BREAK ROOM / JAN 30, 2015

Gambling may be the first thing to pop up in your mind when you hear about risking money. Your thinking is justified, since many people around the world, lose thousands...
Why you Need Good EQ For Your Assertiveness to Pay Off
BREAK ROOM / DEC 08, 2014

I wrote recently about a recent study highlighting how poor we often are at self-assessment.  The study found that we were especially bad at understanding just how...
Gaining the Financial Leverage to Pay Off Credit Cards
BREAK ROOM / FEB 12, 2014

It’s amazing how something so typical can also be so destructive. It’s a pretty normal thing to have a credit card if you are an American. In fact, the average...
Are Professional Cheerleaders Underpaid?

After seeing this short movie my question is "Are professional cheerleaders paid enough?" I recently found out that cheerleaders are being paid in general $50 to $75 per...
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