The Sopranos
BREAK ROOM / JUL 18, 2015

Before you buy a property in the UK (except Scotland), you must know how much the property tax will be. By calculating it before the complete process takes place, you...
Tax girl
BREAK ROOM / JUL 02, 2015

The filing deadline for this year has just passed, so if you’re reading this in preparation for next year, good for you! Starting early - and having a system rather than...
Uncle Sam
BREAK ROOM / JUN 16, 2015

Owning your own house can be a wonderful thing! It’s an investment in your future, something to pass on to your children when you grow old, and a beautiful place to live...
tax technician

Tax professionals help organizations to navigate the often complex world of tax regulations. They perform all sorts of tax calculations, prepare reports and keep an eye...
taxes and deduction
BREAK ROOM / FEB 22, 2015

Anyone who works from home—whether as an entrepreneur, freelance writer, consultant or distributor for a company—should take the time to understand the ins and outs of...
Walmart Turns Tax Returns to Cash Refunds
BREAK ROOM / JAN 27, 2015

It’s refund season and one retail company is cashing out taxes for its customers—particularly for unbanked tax filers. Walmart store locations around the U.S. are...
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