BREAK ROOM / OCT 11, 2015

Millenials have had very interesting 30 days as we found out that older millennials are more likely to pay for news than their younger cohorts. We’ve also learned that a...
Federal reserve
BREAK ROOM / SEP 23, 2015

After months and months of speculation, the Federal Reserve finally announced it would be delaying any increase to interest rates. Millions of Americans tuned in for the...
Tech savvy
WEB & TECH / JUN 21, 2015

We all know just how savvy millennials are when it comes to all things tech. We see and hear it all the time. Millennials are carrying around their iPhones, sporting...
Bots Outwitting Human Verification Tech
WEB & TECH / APR 30, 2015

When you spend your hard-earned ad dollars to get your message in front of eyeballs, you are making the assumption that those eyeballs are attached to humans. As it turns...
technology trends
WEB & TECH / MAY 13, 2014

This year’s tech trends can be classified into two categories: disruptors and enablers. Disruptors are trends that change the traditional methods of businesses and...
tech savvy

One of the biggest challenges older job-seekers face is being out of touch with current technology. Workers who don’t know how to use the internet or mobile devices are...
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