How to Ask Better Interview Questions


Most job interview related articles focus on preparing the interviewee for the interview, but as an interviewer, it’s just as important to prepare for the interview. You want the interview to be fruitful and for it to be that you need to help the interviewee shine and bring out their best self.

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Finding the right candidate is always difficult because while many candidates may have the necessary skills and qualifications, they don’t always give you the feeling that they’d be a good fit for the company. Although this is a problem that most hiring managers and recruiters face that’s not to say that you can’t find ways to deal with this issue. Obviously candidates feel intimidated during the interview process and if your questions are too vague or too specific you might not be able to tell what the person sitting across from you is really like during work. The best strategy to deal with this issue is to ask better interview questions that will let the interviewee’s true colours shine.

1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

It’s important to get to know the candidate during the interview and by asking them yes or no questions you are not going to be able to achieve much. Open-ended questions, on the other hand, will get the candidate talking and they will enable you to understand what they are really like and how they process work related matters.

2. Be Casual


Remember that you are not performing an interrogation so don’t put the candidate under scrutiny.  Mind the way you ask your questions because if you are too serious or too strict the candidate might not be able to perform well.

A cold environment is not one where an interview should be conducted and in order to avoid that keep a light-hearted tone throughout the interview. Remember that the interview is your chance to really get to know the candidate so ask them casual questions that will get them talking about themselves. So, for example, rather than asking them to list what they’ve accomplished in their previous position ask them what they were most proud of in their last job.

3. Ask Shorter Questions

There’s probably lots of information you want to get out of the candidate and your time is probably limited which is why you probably opt for asking long questions. However, you should forget about long questions as they confuse candidates. You might have probably noticed that when asking long questions interviewees end up not answering all parts of your questions, either because they forget, or because they lose their trail of thought. By asking shorter questions you will ensure that the candidate will answer exactly what you ask them, and you can follow up with another short question to find out more.

4. Focus on the Candidate’s Actions

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All candidates aspire to greatness, however in order to find out the one who will be a good fit for your company it’s important to know what they have done and how they deal with issues at work. So, don’t focus on what they wish to achieve and their beliefs, ask them about real work issues and how they have dealt with them. Have them walk you through the steps they’ve taken and you’ll be able to tell whether the candidate is quick on their feet and if they’re able to be relied on during times of crisis.

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The interview is the most crucial part of the hiring process so you want to make the most of it. Follow the advice listed above and you’ll be able to easily tell who’s the right fit for your company.




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