How to Ask For a Bonus

Economic times are tough, and many people have found that they're struggling. With rent due, bills to pay, tummies to feed; life can be overwhelming.

Have you been at your current place of employment for an extended period? It may be time to sit down with your boss. Asking for a bonus can be daunting, but it will be worth it. There's most certainly a right way to approach this situation.

How to Ask For a Potential Bonus and Receive It

When it comes to asking for a bonus, there's not really one specific approach. Every situation is different, and companies offer different incentives. The following are some tips that will increase your chances of success.

  1. Go For It: You can not receive a bonus if you don't ask. If you believe that you truly deserve a bonus, then just go for it. Make sure you are aware of your companies bonus policies before you approach your boss. You will need to know how the company provides bonuses. This will allow you to plan more effectively, organising your accomplishments.
  2. Don't Assume: There's more to receiving a bonus than simply asking. You can not assume that asking will provide you with a bonus. You will need to prepare and plan. If you assume that you'll get it simply because you asked, you may hinder your chances.
  3. Take the Initiative: If you do not begin organising until your boss brings up a bonus, then you're not taking the initiative you should be. Keeping all your accomplishments organised will allow you to be prepared and in control. You want to show your boss that you have made their life easier, really contributing to the company.
  4. Timing is Key: You should ask at an appropriate time. Ask colleagues when bonuses are generally dished out. This will help you plan more effectively. Make sure you don't ask your boss on a day that they're clearly stressed and irritated. Just be sensible when making your request.
  5. Prove It: You need to prove that you deserve a bonus. Do not ask for a bonus because you're never late, and you meet deadlines. Your boss will more than likely think you're being ridiculous. You should provide documented evidence of your accomplishments within the company. Perhaps you have taken on an extra job that was not originally in your job description. Present these accomplishments in a well organised fashion.
  6. Get the Facts: Focus in on some of the projects you've accomplished. Have these accomplishments saved the company money? How much? If you can show your boss concrete data, this will help your case.
  7. Don't Be Greedy: Be realistic with your request. It may be common knowledge that the company is struggling, so take this into account. Even if your company is highly successful, do not go ask for a ridiculous value.
  8. Don't Slack: If you worked hard all month to get your bonus, don't slack off the next month. Just because a bonus has been approved does not mean you should stop working hard. It can just as easily be taken away.  

When it comes down to it, every location is different. Make sure you do your homework, learning what's offered through your place of employment. If bonuses are offered, make sure you take the right steps. Work towards your bonus, keeping track of every step along the way. 

Once you have organised your achievements, then it is time to approach your boss. Make sure you are not demanding, they will not respond well to this. Simply show them the case you have built for yourself. You saved them 'x' amount over the past three months, and have taken on extra duties. 

If you have put the work in, there's no reason to be denied your bonus. The key is hard work, showing you deserve it. Once you throw; drive, respect, and organisation into the mix, a bonus simply makes sense. 

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