How to Ask for Maternity Leave

Asking for maternity leave can be awkward for everyone, but if you follow these tips, it can be made less awkward…Learn everything about this request here.

Finding out that you’re expecting can be awesome news, especially if you’ve been trying to get pregnant. But, if you’re dead set on continuing your career and being successful it can also be stressful. Knowing that you have to take time off to have your baby can make you anxious, but remember that your company is obligated to give you the time off and that this doesn’t have to have adverse effects on your career.

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The first step you should take is to process the news on your own and with your significant other, then you can start figuring out how to let your employer know that you’ll need to take maternity leave. The guide below will help you figure out what steps you need to take to ask for maternity leave so that you can be stress-free and enjoy this happy stepping stone in your life.

1. Understand Your Rights

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You should never ask for maternity leave without understanding what your rights are, so the first step you should take is to do a little research on what the law says about maternity leave and what your company’s handbook says about it. Some companies might allow their employees to take some extra time off, so it’s important to know if your company is one of those.

It’s also important to note that you cannot be fired or bullied by your employer in any way if you’re expecting.

2. Talk to Your Colleagues

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Once you know your rights, you should tell your colleagues. Try talking to other colleagues who’ve been away on maternity leave as they’ll have some insight into how the company deals with such requests.

Your colleagues might also give you some tips on how to approach the issue with your boss and what the standard procedure for making the request is.

3. Talk to Your Manager

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It’s important that you make your manager aware that you’ll be taking time off as soon as you can because this way they can decide if they need to find a replacement for you while you’re gone, or if you can delegate your work responsibilities to other colleagues.

Make sure that you don’t lose heart if your manager becomes anxious after you tell him, or her. Reassure them that you’ll be returning and that you will keep in touch with the company while you’re gone.

4. File Your Request

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To file your request, you will usually need to go through HR so make sure that you have them explain the procedure to you in detail. If they tell you that it’s customary to talk to the CEO about such matters, don’t stress out, simply walk into your boss’s office and tell them about it.

It’s also critical that you submit your request in writing. It simply is more professional to do so. Keep your letter short and specific, mention the period that you will need to take off and offer a certificate from your doctor to let the company know the exact date you’re expecting to go into labour.

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You might be worried that asking for maternity leave will be an unpleasant situation but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you make sure that everyone knows you are coming back and you expect to find your position, role and responsibilities intact your career should be fine.

Have you ever asked for maternity leave? What happened? Please let us know in the comments section...




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