How to Attract Ideal Customers with Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the second biggest social network in the world, and it’s quite probably the one with the biggest mainstream reach. It’s arguably easier to find friends than on Facebook, even if it’s less formal and less in-depth. Regardless of how it competes for the title of Best Social Media Network, we know that it’s a vital tool in your marketing arsenal.

Follow these tips to get the best results from Twitter.

Figure Out Who They Are

So many companies get this wrong from stage one. You need to know who your ideal customer is. This begins with thinking about who your product is targeted to and the point of your brand. In truth, this should have been figured out the moment you created your product. Here are the following things you should know about your ideal customer:

  1.       The gender.
  2.       The age.
  3.       The interests.

These three points give you everything you need to target your audience through Twitter. Furthermore, these three points can help you target users across other social media networks.

Post Content Relevant Just to this Audience

Some would say that only targeting your ideal customer prevents you from being able to bring in customers from other groups. Whilst this is true, what you’ll gain through trying to target everyone will be off-set by the amount of time you’ll spend trying to target absolutely everyone. Furthermore, you risk alienating your ideal customer by doing this.

Tweet directly to this audience and this audience only.

Following Only Your Ideal Customer Group

The benefit of targeting just your ideal customer group is making an exclusive club where everyone feels welcome. Think about it like this. A popular UK site called Mumsnet markets itself towards young mothers and nobody else. This feeling of safety and this feeling of being surrounded by a following of other people in similar situations encourages more people to follow suit. They’re made to feel more valuable.

Whenever you follow someone on Twitter, make sure they fit into your ideal customer group, otherwise ignore them.

Targeting the Right Hashtags

Your hashtags are how you categorise every Tweet on the site. Pick the right hashtags and your Tweets are more likely to appear in front of a relevant audience. Choosing the correct hashtags is more a matter of trial and error. You need to use the number of retweets and how many people are replying to your Tweets to determine whether you’re choosing the right hashtags.

Create a spreadsheet of different hashtags relevant to your industry and note down how successful each one is. Over time, you’ll begin to see patterns and trends. Sooner or later, you’ll have no problem narrowing down your ideal hashtags to three or four.

Join Conversations

Hashtags help to categorise the millions of Tweets sent out every day. They’re also a tool used by people to enter conversations. If someone wants to enter a conversation, they may post a reply to it and then append the hashtag to the end. By joining conversations related to your industry with useful comments, you’re going to get more followers and more people checking out your timeline.

You’ll notice that we haven’t mentioned hard selling here. This is because most news feeds scroll so quickly that hard selling doesn’t accomplish that much. Instead, allow people to find your timeline and find your website from there. It sounds like a slow, roundabout way off accomplishing what you want, but it does work.

Remember, this is a long game and it’s not going to happen quickly. As long as you have patience and the will to make it work, you’ll get the results you want.






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