How to Attract More Online Donations

Requesting online donations is one of the best ways to raise money for a profit or nonprofit campaign. But after evaluating your success, you may fear not reaching your goal by a certain date. This is a common concern; however, the following steps can help you attract more online donations.

1. Share a relatable story

When seeking online donations, it isn’t enough to ask for money. You need to tell your story and make it personal. Most people are eager to donate if they believe in a cause, or if your experience touches their heart. Be honest and open with your readers. You don’t have to share every minute detail, but give enough information to help them see the importance of supporting your cause, and explain how donations will make a difference. In other words, what will you accomplish with funds? Will you use donations to purchase school supplies for needy students? Feed a family for a week? Purchase buildings materials for a local revitalization project?

2. Include a call of action at the end of your story

When telling your story, don’t bring up the donation arrangement in every paragraph. However, it is appropriate to include a "call of action" at the end of your story. This is a marketing tactic to invoke an immediate response.

People may read your story and appreciate your cause, but if you don’t include a call of action, they may not donate. You want visitors to immediately stop what they’re doing and pull out their wallets. An effective call to action might include: Your donations make a difference, so click below and help feed a less fortunate child today.

Appeal to a reader’s emotions.

3. Make the donation process simple

Most people are busy and impatient; and if it isn’t easy to make a donation on your side, they might get frustrated and forget the whole process. Include a clearly visible donation link or button, and don’t force people to sign up for a newsletter before they can proceed with their donation. Also, you might receive more donations if you accept various methods of payment, such as all major credit cards and PayPal.

4. Use social media to spread the word

If you’re raising money for a cause, take advantage of social media. This is one of the best ways to quickly share information about your cause and increase online donations. Post a link to your donation page on your Facebook page, and ask those in your social circle to share the link with their friends. Each time you receive a donation, give the recipient a shout out on Facebook.

5. Test your system from time-to-time

Sometimes, online payment systems are glitchy. So, don’t set up a donation page and then forget to test the button. Click the donation link periodically to make sure it works; and when you set up the page, donate one dollar to your own cause to make sure the payment goes through without error. If your donation page doesn’t work, donors may leave and forget to return to complete the donation.

Bottom Line

The ability to create engaging content that moves others to donate to a cause is an art. But if you tell your story, explain uses for funds, and share your cause with others, your online donations will increase and you’ll reach your goal in record time.

Photo Credit: Human Communications