How to Avoid Bad Posture

sitting at the desk

If you’re beginning to look like Quasimodo at work or you’re spending your week mimicking an older gentleman, then it’s about time to start working on your posture. Otherwise, you could experience dire health problems that are worse than just maintaining a hump in your back.

Many people may not realize it, but a bad posture comes with a wide variety of negative health effects, such as blocking your digestive system, diminishing your happiness levels, causing spider veins, and enhancing stress levels. Moreover, a bad posture can make you look heavier than you really are.

Overall, it’s time to stand up straight and stop slouching at work, at home and at social functions.

When it comes to the office, it can be even harder to refrain from hunching or slouching because you can be confined to your desk that comes with a horrific chair. Also, your mind is so entrenched in your work that you forget to stand up or sit up straight.

Unsure how to avoid bad posture? Here are five ways to remedy this widespread problem.

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1. Identify Good Posture

First, identify what the right posture is for your body. This can be achieved by standing in front of a mirror and maintaining a perfect alignment in your body, which consists of a straight back, chin up, squared shoulders, stomach in, feet forward, chest out, and hips and knees in a neutral position. Once this is determined, then try to keep it that way throughout your day.

2. Stretch Before and After Bed

Prior to going to sleep and after you wake up, do a series of stretches for even as little as two minutes. Since you have been in an array of positions throughout the night, or you have been in a fetal position for most of the evening, your muscles need to be ironed out and stretched. Here’s a brief list of rudimentary stretches that can help you:

  • Back extension
  • Hamstring standing
  • Quadriceps standing
  • Arms extension
  • Hail Mary

3. Take Part in Yoga

For some reason, people who want to take part in yoga think they must participate in classes that can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per session. However, you can perform a search on YouTube or purchase videos to do yoga as well. One of the most effective yoga videos around is the Denise Austin series that teaches you the basics and then helps you advance. These videos only take around 10 to 20 minutes of your time.

4. Stand Up and Walk Around at Work

It can be easy to forget about standing up and walking around for a little bit when you’re focused on deadlines. The remedy to this problem is to set a timer and walk around or stretch for a couple of minutes to avoid your muscles from getting cramped or sore.

5. Perform Desk Exercises

Finally, if you want to perform some very quick and simple exercises while you’re working, then do so because it can contribute to your daily exercise regimen. One of the best desk exercises is to sit upright, lift your arms overhead and bending your arms from left to right. Another desk exercise is to stretch your legs when you’re sitting and extending your toes. This is very basic and won’t affect your work duties.

It may be easier said than done but try to pay regular attention to your posture whenever you walk, drive or sit down. Also, if it’s difficult to incorporate any of the aforementioned into your daily routine, purchase a lumbar pillow support. Or, if possible, get a standing workstation. Once you take notice of your posture, you will notice the difference in a matter of several weeks. 

Ostensibly, our teachers were right in elementary school when they told us to stop slouching.