Avoid Being Overwhelmed

With all the distractions and things to pull us in many different directions, the ability to avoid being overwhelmed is more important than ever. Life can be so hectic, at times, that it almost feels like everything is spiraling out of control. The bills keep arriving; lovers come and go; and sometimes you are so focused on what is going on at work that everything else outside of the workplace seems to fade to the background.

To avoid being overwhelmed, one should begin by practicing the art of patience. When something happens to you, it helps to remain calm and collected. So that you don’t hastily jump to any conclusions about how to deal with whatever situations arise. Of course, no matter what you do -- what matters most is how you deal with it. And if you are continually narrowing your attention down to matters at work, whatever happens around you will keep feeling impossible. By being patient, we can slow down our minds and thus we are able to deal with things better and more efficiently.

It’s important to feel like you are in control of your life. A symptom of a lack of control is being overwhelmed. In order to avoid being overwhelmed, remind yourself that you are in control of your life. Many people destroy that notion by allowing themselves to lose control of their thoughts and actions. Telling yourself that you are in control of your own life is much different than assuming you can control what happens at work, or what happens to you outside of work.

Learn to tell the difference by what you can and cannot control, and you will naturally evolve to a place in your head -- and in your life -- where you become better at controlling that which you can. It is much easier to deal with life, when you are in control.

Being Prepared and Staying True to Yourself

Although there are a never-ending amount of things that you probably can’t control, being prepared for them is a good way to avoid being overwhelmed. Shutting our eyes to the problems of the workplace, or whatever problems are festering around us, is not a healthy solution to anything. Ignoring the issues that come about from being a working individual is only a recipe for more mishaps, on this planet, and in the modern world where hardly anything comes easy.

Miscommunications, negative circumstances, people and situations -- keep all of these unnecessary things at bay by holding strong to your laurels. Stay in character. Don’t lose yourself by allowing yourself to be overworked; and don’t stand for anything that makes you unhappy or unhealthy. Work should be somewhat enjoyable. And if we allow ourselves to settle for something -- a job, a relationship, a living situation, etc. -- then our expectations will be defeated. Things will come about that will feel heavy, much heavier than necessary.

Don’t allow yourself to settle for anything which you believe in your heart to be below what you are capable of. Don’t defeat yourself! Give yourself a chance to do something that tests and challenges who you are, while at the same time being provided with the benefits and salary, etc. that you believe you deserve. And if you aren’t doing something in order to be rewarded, then remember that you are doing something for the enjoyment it brings.

Remember Who You Are

Sounds so silly, doesn’t it? That it should become so easy, at certain points in our waking lives, to forget what we are doing and why we are doing it. When we take the time to re-evaluate the reasons for whatever it is we are doing, then we come to the conclusions that render our obtrusive anxieties as something for which we can hurdle and get past. If, as human beings, we are not required to suffer, it sometimes seems so senseless to have to cause others or ourselves to suffer for our doubts or inaction.

Taking the time to realize all of this is vastly important. Sometimes we need to stop and look at our lives in new ways. Attitude is paramount -- a good attitude and a positive outlook -- if we want to avoid being overwhelmed.

Being patient and organized helps; remaining on top of things, believing in yourself, staying true to who you are -- all of these things will add depth to your being able to avoid being overwhelmed.

And when you avoid being overwhelmed, you are closer to yourself. You are able to enjoy.

So it is always up to us:

Do we want to enjoy or do we want to eke through life, pulling out our hair and seeing the early grays?

Sometimes we seem to swing back and forth, when it comes to the reasoning behind our thoughts and actions. If we are able to exercise a few of these traits, we can become better at staying thoughtful, kind and clear-headed.

It’s good to know that that choice remains with us.

Once we realize that, there’s no telling what we can manifest into our experiences. And we will be ready for them.


Image Sourced: "The Scream" by Edvard Munch




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