How to Avoid Commenting Mistakes

Visiting other blogs and leaving comments is one of the best ways to build traffic to your personal blog. This may sound counterproductive. However, posting comments on other blogs gives others an opportunity to read your insight and view on certain matters. And if they like what they read, they might check out your site. For this to happen, your comments must be meaty.

But whether you’re commenting on other blogs or moderating the comment section of your blog, mistakes can impact traffic on your site. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these mistakes.

If you’re a blog reader....

1. Don’t ask questions that were already answered

If you read a blog post and have questions or need clarification, don’t immediately ask this question in the comment section. If several people commented before you, there’s a good chance that another reader had the same concern and the blog owner already responded.

2. Keep your comments brief and concise

Maybe you have a lot to express after reading a blog post. However, fight the urge to respond with a long comment. Ideally, comments should be no more than five or six sentences. Besides, if you leave a long comment, others aren’t likely to read the entire remark; and if the blog owner is busy, he or she may not have time to read the entire comment as well.

If you can’t find a way to condense a long comment, break it up into pieces. For example, you can leave one comment addressing one issue, and a second comment addressing another one.

3. Don’t promote yourself in the comment section

Yes, you want to build traffic to your blog. And yes, you might want to promote your site. But the comment section is not the place. This is the place to provide insightful information related to the blog and topic. Therefore, don’t include affiliate links in the comment box or videos. After leaving a comment, you’ll be instructed to sign in and add a website address, which will be hyperlinked to your name. Therefore, if another reader clicks your name, the link will take him to your site.

4. Be respectful

Others may not agree with your opinion and vice versa. But no matter what, express your viewpoint in a respectful manner. If not, the blog owner may remove your comment, which reduces any chances of increasing traffic to your site.

If you’re the blog owner....

5. Don’t censor your readers

If it’s your blog, don’t overly censor comments. Some bloggers mistakenly think readers have to agree with their view. However, blogs are supposed to encourage conversation and it’s a platform to share viewpoints. So unless a comment is offensive or nasty, don’t delete just because the reader disagrees with your view. If people can’t openly express themselves, they won’t return or be a part of your audience.

6. Don’t let trolls take over your comment section

Between researching new topics and writing blogs, you might have a lot on your plate. But this is no excuse for allowing trolls to take over your comment section. Trolls are people who visit blogs to stir up trouble, or they might post unrelated or offensive comments. Blog moderation is key, and deleting these comments keeps the atmosphere around your blog positive.

7. Comment on other blogs

Thinking you’re too busy to comment on other blogs is another commenting mistake. It’s important for bloggers to support each other. If you never step outside your bubble and give other blogs fair attention, these bloggers may respond in kind. But when you visit other blogs and comment, you build a relationship and these blog owners might mention your name or site in a post, which helps drive additional traffic to your site.

Bottom Line

Establishing a successful blog takes time and patience, but it can be accomplished. You’ll make some mistakes, but you’ll also learn a lot. If you want to build traffic and increase your credibility, you need to recognize and avoid these common commenting mistakes.

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