How to Avoid Disappointing Recruiters


So you have already sent your application and your perfectly-tailored CV and got a reply from an employer inviting you to attend a job interview next week. It seems that you have set up some high standards for yourself and it is important that you are able to meet or even exceed these expectations. What is your next plan? How are you going to prepare for the event?

Deciding how you need to move forward is crucial, and although this phrase has become a cliché, preparation is everything indeed. As far as job interviewing is concerned, if you want to learn how to avoid disappointing recruiters and ultimately yourself, you have to make sure you have prepared yourself appropriately until you feel you are ready to meet the big team.

With this being said, you need to avoid doing any clumsy mistakes that evident inappropriate attitude and unprofessionalism. Check the following tips to help you avoid doing just that and increase your chances of getting the job:

#1 Quiet the chatterbox

Obviously you will have a lot to say to employers, but that doesn’t mean you need to do all the talking. Let interviewers have their turn and be careful of not overdoing it when talking about your achievements and experience. This is because you don’t want to lose the point of the discussion and confuse employers. Also, you don’t want employers to remember you as the candidate who simply couldn’t stop talking during the interview. As you probably know, this is not a very good first impression.  

#2 Avoid blank expressions

In a job interview it is important to get involved in the conversation and provide good answers, so whatever you do, you should avoid responding with just a one-word answer e.g. ‘Yes’. Recruiters appreciate candidates who can give a more in-depth response and expand on “telling their story” a little bit more. Also, since answering questions is not enough, prepare some questions for interviewers in advance, to avoid responding with a blank stare when they ask you if you have questions of your own.

#3 Be careful of the wild you

Show your appreciation to the interviewers for the time they offered you and don’t come out as confronting. This will immediately eliminate your chances of getting the job as it would mean you have no teamwork or negotiation skills and you are unable to show respect and understanding to other people. Surely, it is important to show you have strong leadership skills, but perhaps you can find a different way to express that. A strong leader is able to manage a team effectively, providing constant feedback and support to a group of people. How would you convince employers you can do the job when you are coming out as aggressive as a wild boar?

#4 Allow no distractions  

In a job interview, it’s just you and interviewers. All that matters is getting the job, the fact which means you need to focus on communicating your key selling points to employers - not holding your mobile device or looking at your mobile screen the whole time. Put your mobile device on silent and avoid any other distractions that would make employers believe you are more interested in what’s trending on social media than the job itself.     

If you want to have a chance of getting the job on offer, make sure you don’t allow yourself to do any of these mistakes. Professionalism and integrity is perhaps two of the most important qualities you need to project when meeting potential employers.

So, how are you going to prepare for you next interview? Let us know your thoughts leaving your comments below.

Image Source: iStock