How to Avoid Gaining "Weekend Weight"

It’s Monday morning. You’re getting ready to go to work. But you’re having trouble squeezing into your pants. That’s odd, you think. They’re your favorite pants, hugging just right around all the right places. Why don’t they fit? Oh… wait. That’s right. You got a little bit crazy this weekend.

But surely it can’t be that bad, right?

…Oh, but it can.

A 2003 study done by Obesity Research showed that people consume about 115 calories more per day on the weekend than any other day of the week. Amounting to nearly 18,000 calories (5 pounds).

Yeah, and those aren’t healthy calories either. It’s mostly crap food.

So how can you avoid gaining weekend weight? Let’s find out.

I. Inventory time

Take a look at your fridge and pantry. What do you see? Probably not that much in healthy foods if you’re reading this article. That alone sets the stage for a weekend of undisciplined chow time. So Friday mornings, take a look at your inventory and go to the nearest store to get whatever healthy stuff you need to keep you full over the weekend.

II. Week-at-a-glance

Make a food diary. That’s right. And every week look at what you ate to see where, how, and when you messed up. Weekends are a perfect time for this. Take note of areas for improvement and find alternatives.

III. Don’t stay indoors

Or at least not in the house all weekend. We’re all social creatures. Sitting around the house does you no good emotionally, and you may even try to fill that social void with food. Go online and find any free (or cheap) local activities and make sure to get out there! Anything, really. Go shopping, watch a movie, go to the park, etc. Just be active.

IV. Extend the blessing.

Pay it forward. Yeah, it sounds corny. But doesn’t helping someone else feel great? You’re making a difference in somebody else’s life. Also, any little bit you can do to keep occupied over the weekend means less time you’ll be spending eating yourself into an early grave.

V. Mind the chewing.

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It’s been shown that if you take your time eating, you’ll get fuller quicker. The sweet-spot is somewhere between 15-20 minutes for your brain to trigger that signal. So don’t rush the eating, and you’ll keep that weight off.


VI. Lay off the soda

I have to admit, this step is particularly hard for me. I love soda more than Kel… Here’s to hoping someone got that reference. Anyway, substitute soda for water to satisfy your thirst. Soda has a lot of calories and a lot of fructose—an appetite stimulator.

VII. Waistline reminder.

No, but really. If you’re going out on the weekend, bring some tight pants with you. No need to cut any circulation! Just something tight enough that it will remind you of your limits as you’re chowing down on with your friends. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. But definitely enough to make you… aware.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Have fun. Just not too much.

You might regret it a year from now.






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