How to Avoid Image Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Images are not only important when creating bulletin boards, print ads and other promotional material for your business, it’s also important when incorporating social media marketing. According to HubSpot, approximately 92% of marketers said social media was important to their business. Nowadays, just about everyone uses the Internet; and when they’re looking for a product or service, a quick Google search is their first plan of attack. And if you’re not online, you’re missing out.

However, it isn’t enough to be online, you need to captivate buyers or customers from the beginning. Fortunately, using images with your social media campaign can help. But there’s a right and a wrong way to use images. Here are seven ways to avoid image mistakes in social media marketing.

1. Use Images

You may feel that content is king and images are an optional bonus. However, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. So, while it’s important to create quality content, adding a picture won’t harm your efforts – if anything, pictures can help.

The truth of the matter is, images grab attention. And the more interesting your pictures are, the more likely a user will click a link to see what you have to say or offer.

2. Add Text to Photos

When using an image in social media marketing, you might mistakenly assume the readers will know exactly the meaning or purpose behind a photo. But this isn’t always the case. By adding a text to photos, you’re able to get your message across faster. This eliminates the guesswork, and when your image captions are interesting, this encourages readers to share your posts or tweets.

3. Make Sure Photos Aren’t Trademarked or Copyrighted

You may realize the importance of using images in social media marketing. However, it’s important to avoid using photos with copyrights or trademarks. A photo may appear usable by anyone. But if you use an image that’s copyrighted, the photo owner can sue for copyright infringement. This doesn’t mean you can’t use a copyrighted photo, but you’ll need to contact the image owner in-advance for permission, and you’ll need to add a photo credit

4. Moderate User-Submitted Images

Allowing users to submit images to your Facebook, twitter or other social media pages is an excellent way to engage your audience. But at the same time, you need to moderate these images carefully. There are several things to look for. As mentioned above, user-submitted images should not contain any copyright or trademark logos. Also, you need to make sure images do not violate privacy rights, and you need to check for offensive photos, such as those that feature profanity or pornography.

5. Don’t Think You Have to Personally Take Each Photo

To avoid copyright infringement, you may decide to take any photos used in your social media marketing campaign. This is okay. However, taking your own photos can be time-consuming. And if you don’t have time to thoroughly brainstorm photo ideas, take pictures and edit these photos, you risk doing a sloppy job. There is a better way. Sign up for sites that offer stock photography. You can select pictures that best represent your company or campaign. These pictures are available in different sizes, and images are relatively inexpensive.

6. Use a Variety of Images

If you have a social media campaign and you’re using images, you don’t have to rely solely on photos. There are other ways to grab readers’ attention, such as slideshows, videos, graphs and animations. Photos are a good start, but if you can include action images, or images that show how a task is completed, these carry more weight and result in more social shares.

Bottom Line

Learning the inns and outs of social media can take your company to the next level. Since everyone is online nowadays, social media is an excellent way to promote a product, introduce services or simply engage your customers. But with any good campaign, you need good images.

Image Credit: Juff Turner via Flickr




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