How to Avoid Isolation When Unemployed


Unemployment is not only bad for the economy but also to your social wellbeing. Isolation is common among the unemployed, especially if it is for a long period of time. Statistics show that most of the youths unemployed for more than six months end up being depressed. One of the major causes of isolation is losing daily contact with their friends and colleagues. Another cause of isolation is embarrassment or a need to reduce the expenses linked with socialising with friends and family. Isolation is the major cause of stress which leads to depression. Below are the ways that can help you avoid isolation when unemployed.

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1. Volunteer

Volunteering helps create social contacts that help reduce stress. It may be unpaid, but it may help you to find a new purpose in life. Your social status will also be upgraded when you give back to the society. Volunteering gives you experience which is an awesome addition to your résumé. You can also get a job during your period as a volunteer.

2. Set Achievable Goals Every Day

Make sure you set goals that are achievable daily. Set the top three goals that you would want to achieve at the end of the day. Write down a schedule of how you are going to achieve these goals. The goals should be realistic and achievable without much strain. Ticking off the goals achieved gives you a sense of having successfully achieved. Try this and it will help you reduce isolation.

3. Share Your Feelings

Unemployment can make you lonely, frustrated and despondent. It is very important to share your feelings with other people who care about you. Consider support groups in your community if you do not have friends or family. You can also form or join a support group that will help you share experiences other people have been through. Sharing your experiences will make you feel better and less stressed.

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4. Practice Positive Thinking

You can control your mind to always stay positive. Staying positive can help you greatly reduce isolation. Tell a friend or a loved one the good things that happened to you in the course of that day. Talk about all the positive things, including the tiniest one. Positive thinking is the best practise that can help you reduce stress and isolation.

5. Don’t Stay Idle

Staying idle and indoors is one thing that makes most people depressed. You need to go to involve yourself in activities that you love such as swimming, watching movies, and reading, among others. These activities will help you forget the fact that you are unemployed and reduce the chances of being depressed.

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Don’t be depressed about not being employed, but create your own opportunities instead. Self-employment gives you freedom, money and security. It might start small, but you will eventually rise. Employment is just one way of making money. Using the knowledge and skills that you have can earn you wealth and make you never wish to be employed.