How to Avoid Looking Hung-over at Work

There are those days when you cannot help but go drinking. It could be your boss giving you a hectic time or a workmate getting on your nerves. You could also be dealing with personal issues, such as trying to move on from a nasty break-up. Either way, you feel you need to release the stress or rage that is slowly building up in your body. And what a better way to do it than having a beer! Unfortunately, you end up having one too many.

How do you avoid looking hung-over after a night of drinking? Here is a perfect workaround.

Have a cold shower

Going out to drink during the week can be quite tiring especially after a busy day in the office. When you pass by a local bar to have one beer and it ends up being a night of partying, the following morning you will probably look so weary, like you were run over by a bus! You can get rid of this look by having a long and cold shower. It might seem like climbing a mountain during summer, but it is worth every minute.

Be smart

Your appearance speaks volumes. Wearing a wrinkled shirt or trouser and having unkempt hair coupled with bloodshot and droopy eyes only adds to your misery. Be neat and presentable. Wear your make up well. Although this will not completely conceal your hangover from your workmates, it will keep unnecessary attention away.

Drink a lot of water

Water replenishes the body’s water levels. After a night of drinking, brain cells can lose water and shrink. This exerts pressure on the head, causing a severe headache. Taking plenty of water will not only keep your brain cells active, but also help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Take it easy

When you overwork yourself, you use up the little energy left in your body. It is like trying to drive a car running out of gas at 100 miles per hour! Although your boss may want several tasks completed, maintain your calm, work slow and look busy. It is better to complete a single task perfectly, rather than to do a shoddy job trying to get everything done. You can even push over some tasks to a workmate who owes you something.

Fake a migraine

When none of these tips work and the hangover overwhelms you, fake a migraine. Migraines have almost similar symptoms as hangovers; nausea, terrible headaches and dizziness. If your boss or office supervisor buys it, find a quiet place and let your body rest. You can even catch a nap.

Play the designated driver

As impossible as it may seem, staying sober is the most practical way to avoid looking hung-over at work. But how do you manage the temptation to go out with your friends and have a drink? You can be the designated driver! As your friends drown their beers, you can also enjoy sipping that soda or flavored water, albeit with some envy.

Now you know how to overcome that hangover!

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