How to Avoid Losing Your Mind In a Pressurized Working Environment

Pressure is something many of us experience every day in the workplace. And though we try our very best to calm our nerves and have a nice day, pressure has an uncanny tendency of tempting us to lose our minds at the most inconvenient of times.

What Factors Tend to Bring About a Pressurized Working Environment?

Pressure differs in various working environments and at times, a healthy amount of pressure is needed to keep things going in the workplace. However, pressure at the workplace can sometimes get out of hand as a result of: 

  • Deadlines that are too time constricted.
  • Excessive workload with overwhelming tasks that never end.
  • The pressure to maintain a reputation of flawless and consistent delivery.
  • Quality standards that have to be maintained or else one is deemed incompetent.
  • Insufficient facilities that hinder your work performance and make you less efficient.
  • Domineering supervisors that keep a keen eye on performance.
  • Annoying and stubborn clientele.
  • Frequent misunderstandings between staff.
  • Fear of losing one’s livelihood as a result of abrupt cutbacks.
  • The frustration of being overworked and underpaid.

How then does one avoid losing their Mind in a Pressurized Working Environment?

In a bid to keep your cool in a pressurized working environment, you should adapt a mix of precautionary and proactive measures such as:

#1 Keeping your Eyes Focused on the Prize

For some of us, we’ve frequently faced the temptation of calling it quits. And despite the fact that we want to walk out the door, there is a prize that keeps us going despite all pressure factors frustrating us back and forth. While some are looking for work experience, others simply want a promotion, an impressive commendation or even the necessary exposure needed to start a business venture.

#2 Having some Personalized Attitude Adjustment Therapy Once in a While

If you pay keen interest to some taxing occupations, they require a serious amount of tolerance to get things done. For instance, consider nurses who work in referral hospitals:

  • They’re always required everywhere by many patients at any given moment.
  • Yet, despite this pressure, they always have this unflinching attitude to professionally handle any frustration that comes their way.
  • I’m sure they must give themselves some attitude adjustment therapy once in a while through meditation, spirituality or even the inspiration that comes from learning from other people’s experiences.

#3 Venting your Frustrations through Proper and Discreet Channels

Even though we hate to show it in public, we all get really angry in the workplace once in a while:

  • Unfortunately, many have made the unwise decision of venting this by destroying company property, hurling insults at their bosses or engaging in brawls with their workmates.
  • If only they learned to use their anger constructively, then they would never feel the need for settling scores at the workplace.
  • If your anger sparks a lot of energy, then try boxing a punch bag or going to the gym once in a while.
  • If you’re the type that settles scores through scheming, then, you need to play mind engaging games with chess being my personal favourite.

Life today seems to be about getting rich as fast as possible. Unfortunately, many pressurized jobs don’t necessarily come with hefty pay checks. However, those who overcome this phase in their career journey end up having a strong and professional character destined for greatness in life. Pressure can actually be a positive force and give you career experience that money can’t buy. As an anonymous tip once put it, "Some people are so poor that the only thing they have is money."

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