How to Avoid Mistakes When Pitching Guest Posts

If you’re a blogger looking to expand your audience, or if you’ve recently started your own blog, you need to get your name out in the blogosphere. But, how do you achieve this? If you’re looking to increase traffic to your site, consider writing guest posts for other bloggers.

However, building a working relationship with other bloggers is easier said than done. Successfully becoming a guest blogger is all about how you approach the situation. Here are six ways to avoid mistakes when pitching a guest post.

#1 Properly address the Blogmaster

When writing your guest pitch, don’t address your pitch to "whom it may concern." It only takes a few minutes to research a blog and find the blogmaster’s name. Remember, some bloggers receive numerous guest pitches each week. If you don’t take time to personalize your pitch or do your homework, the blogger may skip your pitch and choose another blogger.

#2 Avoid a generic introduction

Many bloggers are experienced writers. They’ve written countless pitches and queries during their career. So, they can detect a cookie-cutter guest pitch. To get your foot in the door as a guest poster, you need to customize each pitch and tailor your idea to each blog. Include information in your pitch that proves you’re familiar with the blog. For example, if pitching an article on credit repair, you might mention your interest in covering a particular topic that hasn’t been featured on the blog, or maybe you have new insight to offer on a topic that’s been covered extensively on the site. 

#3 Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes

Understandably, you’re not a robot and you will make mistakes. However, a pitch full of grammar and spelling errors is the quickest way to get rejected. After writing your pitch, have a friend or relative proofread the document. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can catch mistakes. This is an opportunity to make a good first impression. If your pitch contains errors, the blog owner may conclude that it will take too much time to edit any submitted work.

#4 Pitching generic information

The more unique your idea, the better your chances of getting your pitch accepted. Read the blog and pitch ideas that haven’t been covered, or address topics from a new angle. If the blog focuses on credit, the blogger may not accept a generic pitch about ways to improve credit score. But he might accept an article on ways to rebuild credit after a divorce or ways to protect your minor child’s credit score.

#5 Read the guest posting guidelines

If a website regularly accepts guest posts, the blogger probably has detailed guidelines on the site. Guidelines might discuss desired topics, word count requirements, compensation and preferred style guides. Before pitching your post, read the guidelines carefully and make sure your idea complies with the website’s needs.

#6 Include links to your published work

If pitching an idea for a guest post, always include links to published work -- preferably those related to the subject. This way, the blogger can review your writing style and determine whether you’re a match for the website.

Guest posting is way to break into the blogging world and ultimately build your reputation. But for your blog pitch to impress blogmasters, you need to do your homework, think of unique ideas and submit error-free work. 


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