How to Avoid Overeating on the Job

There's nothing worse than feeling hungry when at work, especially if you have a hard time dieting or staying away from food you KNOW isn't good for you. The fact that you are doing a sedentary job means that your metabolism is slower, so overeating while at your desk is guaranteed to lead to weight gain. Even if you spend a lot of time at the gym, you'll find that your desk job makes it hard for you to avoid weight gain unless you're very careful with your eating habits.

For your health's sake, follow the tips below to avoid overeating on the job:

  • Drink More Water -- Make it a point to drink 2 cups of water every hour on the hour. It will help to stifle your hunger pangs, and will fill your stomach. You'll use the bathroom a lot more, but it's worth it to avoid overeating.
  • Stay Away From Snacks -- Whether it's donuts in the break room or a tray of fresh muffins a coworker brought in as a treat, it's better to stay away from these snacks. They tend to be high in calories, loaded with fat and sugar, and completely devoid of nutrients. The occasional slice of birthday cake won't hurt, but it's better to avoid snacks as much as possible.
  • Munch and Crunch -- If you are hungry at your desk, why not bring your two favorite diet snacks: celery sticks and baby carrots? You'll find that these two snacks are VERY high in fiber, which is filling and will stop you from being hungry. Plus, they'll occupy your mouth long enough that you'll forget that you just want to taste yummy food and you're not actually hungry.
  • Chew Gum -- For those who tend to overeat, chewing gum can be a helpful trick to occupy your mouth and your mind. Sugarless gum is low in calories and sugar, and it will help to distract your taste buds. Have a pack of minty gum handy whenever you feel the hunger pressing in, as mint helps to suppress your appetite by making you feel satiated.
  • Brown Bag It -- The age of brown-bagged lunches being looked down upon is long past, and people actually respect those who bring their own lunch to work. It will help you to control your portions, and you'll be able to pack that container with veggies and healthy food instead of bread and crackers.
  • Move Around -- Want to put off those hunger pangs until lunch time? Do five minutes of exercise every hour on the hour, and it will help to take your mind off your stomach. Exercise sends blood to your muscles, pulling it away from your stomach and forcing your body to refuel. It's a good way to kick those hunger pangs.
  • Just a Bit -- The 'chocolate box syndrome' allows you to eat one small piece or bite of what you want, but forces you to savor and really enjoy it. You'll find that eating slowly and consciously will stop you from gobbling down food, and you'll eat far less.
  • Make it a Salad -- Who says you can't have a hearty lunch? Get that piece of fried chicken or steak for your lunch, but replace your mashed potato, bread, or pasta with lettuce and salad fixings. Switching carbs can help you to cut calories without cutting out protein, the thing that makes your meal filling.

Staying healthy while at a desk job can be tough, but it's possible. It's all about self-control and willpower, and the tips above will give you the best chance of succeeding at your diet!