How to Avoid Overlooking Outstanding Competence Skills

When most of us prepare our resumes from an ordinary perspective, we tend to emphasize a lot on the formal aspects such as academic qualifications, years of work experience, institutions we were involved in and so forth. And though employers short list candidates based on these superficial parameters, they do not fully account for all the outstanding competence skills we’ve attained along the way. Moreover, if every candidate was to be was probed beyond their resumes, then prospective employers would find out that a resounding majority are either overrated or underrated because...

Many Outstanding Competence Skills go Unnoticed
At times, we find ourselves involved in tasks that are way beyond our formal qualifications and yet without a doubt, we pull them off with ease and efficiency. Unfortunately, we’re likely to simply brush them off especially if they happen when outstanding tasks are occasionally delegated to us or if it’s a task that involves temporary phase execution.

Moreover, there are tasks that come about as a result of experimentation with a range of goods and services within the company. Yet if such projects stall, we’re likely to dismiss the skills we might have attained altogether. But that doesn’t make them go away. Plus, the fact that we habitually overstep our formal competence boundaries goes to show that...

We’re not Just Mere Programmable Robots
Sometimes, I tend to think that we take our learning capabilities as human beings for granted. And you don’t have to look that far to realize this. Just consider the debased creatures that we refer to as robots. They cannot fulfil tasks that are beyond software programmes installed in them. The limits of their competence are bordered by the exact nature of their software parameters. And when they encounter overwhelming tasks, they’ll simply stall and do nothing about it. But not us, instead we...

Think Beyond Formal Qualification Parameters
Education is a tool in itself. However, it shouldn’t be an excuse for us to limit our capabilities to explore territories that are foreign to our formal career capabilities. In fact, this isn’t such a foreign concept. We’re always looking for ways to exploit our full competence potential. But since we overlook daily competence skills, we end up merely using initial academic qualifications as a yardstick in determining how versatile we can be in our careers. And so in a bid to fully take charge of those intricate yet outstanding competence skills that go unnoticed, we should ask ourselves...

How Does Avoid Overlooking Outstanding Competence Skills?

#1 Stop Looking at Your Career Journey as a Mere Lump sum
When we take our personal time to audit our careers, we tend to look at the big picture. Yet what we fail to realize is that the entire career journey is simply numerous small parts of an entire whole. Small, daily chunks of work experience, exposure and achievements are savoured to bring about that significant career journey. So it wouldn’t hurt to have a daily assessment of your career journey. Even in class, we note down new things we’ve learn’t. Maybe a career journal or diary for that matter would be a great start. And especially pay keen interest to those daily outstanding experiences you’ve encountered along the way. But that won’t simply be enough...

#2 Follow up on those Outstanding Competence Skills to the Latter
One thing about new year resolutions is that we tend to forget them when January ends. Yes, we may have noted them down and sworn upon the stars to fulfil them, but we get so carried away by the normal stuff that we find it convenient enough to compromise on them. This is no different from the outstanding competence skills we note down. If we delay in following up on them, then we magnify the likelihood of simply dismissing them as just a mere experimental experiences.

But if we consult and analyse these skills, then even though we might dismiss them, we will have made concrete and informed decisions. Besides the vast online resources that are available at the moment, we’ve got career coaches, mentors and even acquaintances that we can consult regarding the possibilities of enhancing and even exploiting those skills to the latter.

#3 Factor in Your Passionate Hobbies to Bring about a More Exciting and Fulfilling Career
I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy your career than turning it into this engaging yet profitable hobby. Now imagine if you could use your outstanding competence skills in shaping up your potentially profitable hobby into this fulfilling yet enjoyable career.

Consider a banker occasionally tasked with organizing weekend retreats for her staff members. She notices that she’s got a knack for organizations skills despite the fact that she’s not formally trained for them. Then she remembers that she loves baking for fun and viola! A wedding business is in the offing. She simply has to combine her formal qualifications, outstanding competence skills and hobby to convert her start up into an amazing success story. Soon enough, she’s got HER OWN business that gives her the enjoyment and fulfilment she’s been longing for. She no longer has to drag herself to work because her very own work is a hobby in itself. How cool is that?!

There are so many strengths in life that we tend to overlook on numerous occasions. Maybe it’s the fact that we think they’re insignificant or we lack the knowledge and skill needed to convert them into this professionally viable career. Whichever the case may be, having the right attitude will always be the major prerogative. As Zig ZIglar once put it, "You cannot tailor make your situations in life, but you can tailor make your attitudes towards those situations."

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