How to Avoid the Common Career Mistakes of the Masses

There are common mistakes that persist in the career world today thanks to people who have a mob mentality in various job markets worldwide. We constantly see these mistakes everyday. It’s just that we rarely give them the seriousness they deserve despite their massive scale of detrimental effects.

Which Common Career Mistakes of the Masses Are These?
When we wake up in the morning, it doesn’t take long before we encounter influence. From television programmes to radio talk shows and even the normal conversations we have with our friends and neighbours. One factor that rarely fails to become the topic of discussion is careers. And if you listen keenly to such discussions, you’ll realize that they depict common career mistakes such as:

  • Chasing after impressive academic accolades without doing a concrete independent investigation regarding their real career impact.
  • Being comfortable with the mediocre success of normal jobs without considering the repercussions of being retrenched unexpectedly in case of an imminent economic crisis.
  • Accepting the fate of negative job market trends and letting them ignite a sense of job insecurity instead of focusing that attention towards coming up with a range of realistic contingency measures.
  • Using the negative career experiences of the majority as direct justifications of individual negative career experiences.
  • Sticking to the flooded career paths of the masses and complaining about unemployment instead of curving out unique career paths thus solving the unemployment issue.
  • Unnecessarily looking up to the government to solve job market issues ’like it owes us a living’.
  • Having an escapist mentality when it comes to pursuing a passionate career. And thus many end up pursuing opportunities solely for impressive perks and salaries.
  • Refusing to take charge and quit an unfulfilling job by using the unfavourable economic situation as a ’realistic’ justification for sticking to it.

How then do we Avoid the Common Career Mistakes of the Masses?

In a bid to avoid being a victim of the mob career mentality, you should:

#1 Have an Informed and Independent Perspective Regarding Careers
Everyone in life has an opinion and quite frankly, some misinformed yet dominant opinions are long overdue.

  • For instance, careers have for long been analyzed from the aspect of formal jobs like being a doctor, an engineer and so forth. But with modern times and increasingly sophisticated tastes, the world of careers has burst out from its formal concave into this vast network of endless niche possibilities.
  • That’s why in today’s world, unemployment isn’t a direct reflection of career unfulfillment because we’ve got so many brilliant yet unemployed people who are making serious income from careers paths that can’t be described by a single terminology. For example, what do you call a social media manager that is a forex trader by day and a DJ by night?

#2 Take Charge Beyond Familiar Territory
The familiar territory of many careerists today revolves around studying hard, getting a good job, clinching a few academic accolades along the way then enjoying retirement benefits during one’s prime:

  • I’m not saying that it’s bad to be in familiar territory because in any case, who wouldn’t want to follow the proven and tested strategy. But what if the proven and tested journey suddenly becomes obsolete? Are you ready to suffer with the majority? Or...
  • Are you willing to crush the victim mentality by curving out your own unique career journey? Are you bold enough to break the rules and stand out career wise through innovation and entrepreneurship? Are you willing to maximize on your strengths and stop using a normal stable job and academic accolades as excuses for an unfulfilling career? Think about it...

#3 Work on your Attitude, Principles and Philosophy regarding Careers
As old career rules keep getting broken, new rules are rapidly coming up. And as I reiterated earlier, being unemployed doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a career:  

  • These days we’ve got contractual engagements, internships, volunteer work, start up sponsorships, exchange programmes and so much more. All that’s required of you is to not only stay informed regarding such options, but to also work on your attitude, principles and philosophy regarding them as well.
  • Thus, as the masses keep clamouring for permanent jobs, you’ll always have a range of applicable career options at your disposal and chances of career stagnation are greatly diminished.

#4 Choose your Career Influencers Wisely
I don’t need to say much on this because it’s quite obvious. The people we listen to on the media and on the ground subliminally influence our careers by their way of thinking. Moreover, the peers we surround ourselves with always pressure us into following their trend on so many levels. And thus, the influencers you choose to associate with end up influencing the career trend you follow. It’s as simple as that.

It’s said that the majority always win. But in the world of careers, it’s not necessarily about winning or losing. It’s about being smart enough to decide the battles worth winning and the losses worth accepting. And so as the majority are busy making common career mistakes, the smart will always prevail because their prudence regarding the career world keeps them ten steps ahead of the pack. Ultimately, it’s up to you to take charge and avoid the common career mistakes made by the masses.




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