Avoiding Negativity at Work

A negative workplace can become a very difficult place to be. It can zap your energy and leave you feeling drained at the end of the day.

Some people are more geared towards a negative mindset, while others are very positive. However if you feel as if you are surrounded by negative people while working, despite being a positive person yourself, then make sure that you avoid those people at all costs, by adopting the below tips. 

Steer clear of the complainers

People who complain too much do eventually bring you down, so steer clear of the whiners and keep yourself to yourself.

Though you may sit too close for comfort to one of the office’s notorious complainers, by keeping your head down and getting on with your work you will find it easier to emotionally distance yourself from that person.

On the other hand, spend more of your time with the positive people. If you need someone’s input or opinion, ask someone with a positive attitude. Above all, don’t allow whiners and complainers to drag you down.

Avoid gossip

Similarly, involving yourself with office gossip will only work towards zapping your energy and occupying your mind with thoughts unrelated to your work. Gossipers also drag other people into their scandalous chit-chat, by saying nasty things about others and circulating rumours which, most of the time and simply untrue.

So stick to discussions that are honest and productive in nature and work towards improving your workload.

Be passionate about what you do

Work hard, put 100% into everything that you do and aim to do your absolute best in every way possible.

Take regular breaks

Refreshing your mind from the atmosphere is a great way to replenish your energy. So avoid sitting at your computer all day and soaking up the negative energy that surrounds you. instead, take small breaks, de-stress and at the end of each day, cut yourself off from thoughts of work.

Don’t give up hope

Though workplace negativity can eventually bring you down, never give up hope. By focusing on staying focused on your job and always believing in yourself, workplace negativity will never be able to stop you from succeeding. 

Be assertive


Be strong, assertive and determined to overcome the persistent negativity of others. Always be honest with such people, tell them the truth and don’t let anybody bully you – not even your boss.