Ads Placed in the Wrong Place

Ads Placed in the Wrong Place

The brand of your company is very important nowadays. A good advertising strategy can help your company succeed and provide the capital to project major growth. The advertisement industry is fast moving and competitive, and brings many benefits for companies who take advantage of advertising channels. Businesses today, irrespective of their size of area of expertise, need advertising. If you don’t advertise your brand, your customers have no connection to you and will go elsewhere.

So, we have established that brand advertising it pivotal to the success and wealth of your business. We now need to delve deeper and consider your ‘ad placement’ strategy. This refers to where you want your advertisement to appear and which channels are most appropriate to use. The most important aspect to remember is that a bad ad placement can have disastrous effects!

Check out these ads that some companies will definitely regret paying for…


1. Yahoo

404 error is the worst.

2. Turkish Airline

That’s not the right way.

3. Go Air

They didn’t, apparently somebody made them!

4. Dental Implant

That can effect the game.

5. Olive Garden

FREE dinners are not going to help.

6. Lincoln

Now we know who did it...

7. Funeral services

That’s not recommended.

8. Oldtimer

I will definitely avoid that way.

9. Aflac

That will not help them...

10. McDonald's

You can exercise and still think about it...

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