Basic Methods for Locating an Ethical Employment Opportunity

Job seekers have to wade through a myriad of employment opportunities on job boards and in the classifieds. A job ad can seem like it is offering an ethical employment opportunity. However, job seekers need to be diligent to ascertain whether or not the company they want to work for is ethical and offering valid employment. This article will offer a basic method for locating those ethical employment opportunities that are worth applying for. 

Basic Method to Follow

There are several steps that job seekers can take to find jobs at ethical companies. Valid employment opportunities are available if job seekers know what to look for and have a basic method of measuring factors of the company in question.

1. Diligent Research

The first step is to be diligent in researching the company. If you are not willing to do the extra work to ascertain whether or not a company is ethical and worthy of you working there, then you may end up blindsided by issues at your new job. Especially with access to the Internet, job seekers have unlimited resources at their disposal for researching companies and job opportunities.

  • Website – Check out the company’s website and carefully review the format, the content displayed, the services offered and any other information regarding the management.
  • Mission Statement – You can tell a lot about a company by reading their mission statement. There are 4 Key Elements that should be part of every effective statement.
  • Social Media – Evaluate what type of content is published on their social media sites. The content should be professional as well as creative and informative. Reading the comments of fans and followers can also illuminate the culture of the company to you.
  • Professionalism – A fourth factor is to gauge how well you have been treated by company personnel during any communications and job interviews.
  • Complaints – Research any complaints the company may have received by checking them out at the Better Business Bureau.

2. Networking Connections

Another factor to follow during this process is utilizing your networking connections. Obtaining genuine personal referrals can help job seekers ascertain whether or not the company in question is ethical and offers a valid employment opportunity.

  • Network – Utilize professional organizations like LinkedIn and business communities on Google+ to connect with others in your networks who may have an association with or knowledge of the company in question.
  • Culture – Seek out information regarding the company culture. If you can connect with others in your networks who have previously been employed by the company, you can gather pertinent information that can assist in your research.

3. Personal Experience   

Your personal experience is another vital measuring tool for ascertaining whether or not the company is ethical and offering a valid career opportunity. Trust your instincts and believe in what you experience. You can utilize the recruitment and job interview process that you experience to ascertain the authenticity of the company.

  • Job Ads – The process starts by assessing the job ad that was posted and whether or not the content appears legitimate. Look for inconsistencies and spelling errors.
  • Company Response – Gauge the response time regarding how long it takes for the company to respond to your email inquiries, letters and phone calls. Assess whether or not all of your contact, communication and dealings with the company are professional.
  • Interview Process – Pay attention during your interview process and ascertain whether or not you are treated fairly and with respect. Measure the methods used by the interviewer and how professional the interview process was.


4. Unusual Thinking 

This last step involves thinking outside the box and changing your perspective. Sometimes you need to go against the grain and what is expected of you in order to locate the most optimal employment opportunity for your career. Trust your instincts throughout the process and don’t give up until you find what you’re looking for.

  • New Companies – It may be going against the grain to seek employment with a new company that is just starting out in the business world. However, it can be the perfect opportunity for you to find an ethical job that you can be passionate about.
  • Start-Up – For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, locating the right ethical employment opportunity may involve starting your own company or partnering with another individual to do the same.

Locating an ethical employment opportunity can be a simple process if the job seeker is willing to put in a diligent effort to do what is required. Following the four basic steps as outlined in this article will increase your chances of successfully locating that perfect employment opportunity for your current career needs.