How to Battle Burnout in Marketing

The marketing field can be high-paced and stressful, which causes individuals to burnout. There are several steps that marketing professionals can take to relieve their stress levels. This article will provide 8 tips on how to battle burnout in marketing and become a more productive and well-balanced professional.


1. Change Your Perspective

One major step marketing professionals can take to battle burnout is to change their perspective and focus on the end goal. It is important to focus on finding a balance between step by step tasks and utilizing them as building blocks to achieve long-term goals. Taking the time to step back from the hustle and bustle of working on projects to reevaluate your progress is one way to battle burnout. Stress can quickly become a demotivating factor in your professional career. Learning how to positively focus on effectively overcoming various challenges can help you change your perspective and battle burnout.


2. Step Away & Brainstorm

Everyone has a different way of handling stress. When you feel burnout taking over, you need to combat it with specific strategies that work for you. An important thing to remember is that to be successful in this process, you need to have a game plan for dealing with burnout already in place. Find some activity that you enjoy doing, such as cooking or taking a walk, and spend time doing that when burnout begins to take over. When you can focus on a new activity, it can get your creativity flowing and you can even brainstorm new ideas while de-stressing.


3. Balance Your Life

The marketing profession is high-paced and demanding so you need to find a way to balance your life so that work is not taking over completely. Add exercise and movement to your day even if it’s only taking a short walk or getting up to talk to someone rather than calling or texting. Don’t sit at your desk all day long. Make a point to stand up and walk around your office. Remember to leave your work at the office and don’t take it home with you. It is vital to establish clear boundaries with colleagues at work so that they don’t call you to discuss projects during off hours. However, you also need to set clear boundaries with yourself so you know when it’s time to take a break and leave work at the office at the end of the day.


4. Refresh Your Creative Processes

Renewing your mind and focusing on where you began is another step to battling burnout in the marketing industry. Sometimes it pays to take a step backwards and get back to the planning stages. Remind yourself why you started the project in the first place. When you take a look at your original project ideas and planning, it can revitalize your creativity and give you a renewed focus on achieving great things.


5. Change Your Environment

Sometimes all it takes to battle burnout is to change your environment. One simple suggestion is to leave the office and work for a bit in a coffee shop or the local library. Simply leaving the office setting where you have felt stressed can bring a breath of fresh air into your life. If you can’t leave the office during work hours, you can still change your environment by getting up and working in the break room or at least taking specific break times.


6. Positive Networking

Surrounding yourself with sensational, energetic people will revitalize you and cultivate a stress-free environment. It won’t necessarily change the situation that is causing you stress. However, being around such sensational people will help you to battle burnout and see life in a new way. As you see others who are succeeding in life, that will motivate you to keep going even under the pressure of your current job and work projects. Being around such positive people will also provide you with the support and encouragement you need in order to effectively battle burnout.


7. Take Time to Unplug

Taking a technology break is another important way to relieve stress and battle burnout. Whether you realize it or not, immersing yourself in technology all day long takes a toll on your body—physically, mentally and emotionally. As technology advances, we are able to do more and be increasingly productive. However, too much time spent checking emails, texting, watching videos and TV, and surfing the web—rather than having personal contact—is negatively impacting you. Find the time each day to take technology breaks and completely unplug, whether it’s at the office or at home.

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8. Recharge Your Batteries

All of these steps lead you to this final one where you need to find a way that works for you to recharge your batteries. Most likely this step will be done after work during the week or on the weekends. You must partake in an activity that relieves stress and cultivates your personal life. If you only have a professional life and never take the time to develop personal relationships, you will quickly burnout. Finding that creative outlet through spending time with friends and family as well as taking up a hobby can recharge your life and make you a more productive professional.

A professional marketing consultant needs to constantly be on top of his or her game in order to successfully complete projects, lead various team members and satisfy their client’s marketing needs. Through this high-paced work environment it is easy to burnout. Following the 8 tips outlined in this article will help such professionals decompress and battle burnout.


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