How to be a Superhero


If the old job search isn’t going to plan, you could always become a superhero. Who inspires you: Batman? Hulk? Martian Manhunter?

I’m sure worse things have been suggested. In any event, and before you reach for the kryptonite, this wonderful infographic from Zia Somjee will help you get started. Get your team together to help you strategize about how to unleash your inner superman.

Superhero Essentials:

  • Your back story: you need to have a plausible enough story to explain how you got your superpowers in the first place
  • Your powers: practice makes perfect. Run as fast as you possibly can and see whether your speed enables you to vibrate through a wall. Jump off the roof of your building (don’t forget the trampoline at the bottom – just in case). Pump your fist outwards and see if your web shoots out. (Note: it’s best to do all this when no-one is around to see it.) Or conjure up your own powers – your fingers could spew out a colony of vipers when you’re angry or your toes could transform into secret mega-claws.
  • Your supersuit: Attention to detail is the name of the game here. Your supersuit is the expression of your personal brand so make sure you spend enough time on this one. Don’t forget other essential elements such as the way you’ll communicate – will you have a unique catchphrase, for example? Gadgets are always good to have; I suggest going for something a bit more remarkable than batarangs.
  • Your secret identity: Aim to look as geeky as possible. The key is to blend in, not stand out. Everyone’s a geek these days.
  • Your arch nemesis: There’s always a rotten apple to spoil things, isn’t there. And they sprout like mushrooms. You’ll need to show these villainous miscreants who’s the boss.

If you’re serious about becoming a superhero, please let me know how you get on in the comments box below! Or use your telepathic powers, whatever suits you best...