How to be an Effective Connector of Career Opportunities

Career influence is usually measured by the career connections and acquaintances that one has. It’s usually the game of knowing someone that knows someone that knows opportunities. And on that note, the biggest challenge of course is to connect the right people to the right opportunities. Moreover, people are not aware of the benefits that one is set to gain by being a connector of career opportunities. So let’s head straight over to our first order of business and ask, what advantages is one set to gain by being an effective connector of career opportunities?

Respectful Admiration

This is a very obvious advantage. And from personal experience, I’ve come to find out that people who connect others to career opportunities are usually revered and respected throughout their lives. Plus, these people are rarely in trouble because they’ve got so many people that owe them a favour. In any case, those that are connected to career opportunities are always more than eager to return the favour, so there’s really no rocket science about that.

Personal Career Brand

Of course, by connecting others to opportunities, you get to be enlightened on new career strengths that can really boost your personal career brand. To begin with, you’re a great negotiator that recognizes promising opportunities. Moreover, you’re good at recognizing talent and connecting it to the right companies. And last but certainly not least, you know how to recognize people that are in constant need of talented labour for their business. Need I say more?

Renowned Career Image

Forget having a mere career image. We’re talking of upgrading to a career image to reckon with. Those are some pretty heavy words right there because you get to be this undisputed champion so to speak. Plus, you get to achieve a career social status that puts you in an exclusive club of career gurus. And it is for that reason that you’re set to gain an...

Outstanding and outspoken Reputation

Once you maintain consistency as a connector of career opportunities, you grow your base of career acquaintances. These people will definitely testify to their friends as to how you connected them to their current preoccupation. This spillover effect will trigger a chain reaction of testimonies and soon enough, you’ve got an outstanding and outspoken reputation.

How then does one become an effective connector of career opportunities?

#1 Associate with those doing better than you - career wise

What better way to have an abundance of career opportunities than to connect with those doing better than you. To begin with, they’ve got vast experience in terms of recognizing the talent that they need. Moreover, it’s highly likely that they’re career connectors as well, so you’ve got a mentor right there. Plus, once you befriend them, they’ll be more than eager to use you as that exclusive bridge. It, therefore, means that you get to know about opportunities right before they reach the public domain. Moreover, people will look up to you as that source of juicy and exclusive career opportunities straight from the oven.

#2 Exchange Career Opportunities with fellow Career Acquaintances

This is another great option that all of us can apply. I’m pretty sure that you discuss one or two things about the latest career opportunities with your friends. Unfortunately, we tend underestimate opportunities that are not on par with our career level. We dismiss them as meager and simply forget about them. But you never know how a negligible career opportunity can turn someone’s life around. Plus, the career ladder is like a pyramid and I’m quite sure you must be doing better than some people. Be eager to extend your hand and help them make it because you never know - the person that you underestimate today might turn out to be a life saver in the future.

#3 Consult widely with company recruiters

Most recruiters are considered to be rude and nonsensical. Many are in fact very uncanny when it comes to being satirical during the job interviews. It’s like they’re more than glad to bruise people’s ego, especially if the interviewee shows any hint of arrogance or narcissism. So when we talk about connecting people to opportunities, you want to make sure that they actually clinch them. That’s why it would be wise to consult company recruiters habitually and understand their varying personalities and preferences. That way, you’ll be able to warn people of what to expect if they’re interested in any particular career opportunity.

When we think of our careers, we generally want to be happy and have a smooth sailing. However, the world is full of people that need help with solutions. Assuming people’s needs will not solve their problems. As an anonymous tip once put it, "Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them."

Image Credit: news-sap