How to Be Awesome Everyday

Being awesome everyday would be so much easier if you were a charismatic actor who played a likeable character in a popular show, or if you had been preparing for a zombie apocalypse your entire life and it actually happened. Evidently, everyone wants to be awesome, making it so much harder to get the appreciation you need.

Unfortunately however, there are no radioactive spiders, vampires, werewolves, or other creatures whose bite can give you superpowers to brood over and constantly complain how you didn’t ask for them. Therefore, all one is left with is to create an artificial society, where he or she can be chosen as the “messiah”.

The best thing you can do to be awesome everyday is to lower your expectations. Settle for impressing a limited group of people and gradually expand that circle. The following guide will help you become awesome among your circle of friends, and then quickly spread that influence.  

1. Build a Man Cave/She Shed

The first task on your list should be to create either a man cave or a she shed. Why? Well I am glad you asked, since there are numerous benefits to having such a space. First of all, the place itself is fun to build, just pick a theme for your man cave or she shed, and think about its purpose (a place to relax and hang out, or a place for fun activities).

Once you have your precious haven, people can come over, and they’ll never be bored. Think about it, we all had that one friend in college who had a crib where everyone could chill. Now it’s time to bring that to a whole new level. After all, we are all working people and we can afford to have a place with a bit more style (perhaps you could invest in some food too since people love free food). Furthermore, we all get exhausted after a long and hard week at work, so a coworker with a man cave or a she shed is an office hero, and last time I checked, heroes are awesome.    

In addition to offering sanctuary to your co-workers, this is also a place for you, a place where can be happy to be at the end of the day. Because of this, your man cave/she shed, should reflect your vision of paradise, i.e. resonate with your personality. After all, if you are to be awesome you must feel awesome first, and this room will be a big step on the path to awesomeness.         

2. Organize Interesting Events

Once the man cave/she shed objective is complete, move to stage two of operation “The Awesome One”. There are many special events, or holidays throughout the year, like Halloween, New Year’s Eve, national holidays etc. People love to have a place to go during these holidays and spend them with their friends. This is when you come in – you already have a killer crib, so claim the holiday domain for yourself as well. Of course, you don’t have to pay for everything, people love to participate in preparations, and they will really appreciate you for providing a place to celebrate.

You can’t stop there though, you need to be awesome everyday, otherwise people might start forgetting your awesomeness. So, throw a minor themed party every Friday after work, everyone already looks forward to this day, so why not make it better. In case every Friday is too much for you, mix things up a bit, organize game nights, so every time your favourite team plays, call all the fans you know and have them watch the game at your place. This is how you become a lighthouse in the vast sea of boredom.  

3. Spread the Good Mood

Being awesome of course involves people knowing that you are awesome and in order to do that you need to boost your reputation. The best way to make a lot of people appreciate you is to share your knowledge, or wits. You can do this by blogging, or vlogging. The reason why this is more of a stand-alone piece of advice, is because you need time to do it properly. If you are employed, then finding a time for a hobby like this can be a challenging task.

Still, with some help you can pull it off. Over the years, people have found numerous ways to make the community laugh, so all you need is something silly, yet original. For example there are YouTubers who make specific videos, or short episodes. These episodes are all oriented around something absurd, like microwaving various items, making meals that are cholesterol powerhouses, auto-tuning news etc.

Basically, all you need to do is combine two worlds into one show and have your friends help you go viral. For example, an interesting thing to do would be to make videos in the style of nature documentaries, but pick politicians as a subject. As mentioned, you will need a lot of free time, and good video editing skills, so if you plan on getting good at this, then find a team of people and come up with an idea for a fun YouTube channel. As long as you have a small community and episodes that air once or twice a week, people will notice you and think of you as an awesome individual.       

4. Help the Community

In case you are not that good as an entertainer, you should try this out, since it can be just as effective. All you need to do in order to start the project is find a niche you are comfortable with, and break down the topics into easily digestible segments. It is worth mentioning that the niche of your choice should be something accessible to a wide audience, like any of the standard first world problems, whilst staying original.

Don’t copy someone else’s idea, especially if that person is already famous. The idea is to make tutorial videos, or simply product reviews, for the sake of helping the community. People who compare cell phones, or show how to apply make-up, are truly revered in today’s world.

In your case, you can show people how to make man caves/she sheds, or how to organize parties. If this is what you do to be awesome, help other people around the world do the same, cultivate online awesomeness, and create synergy between you and other awesome people.

It goes without saying that these are not the only ways to become awesome. In fact you can be truly awesome by donating, or volunteering to help animals, serve food at the homeless shelters, or read to the elderly. These are all things that are widely unnoticed, yet we must all admit that people who have time do them, are nothing short of awesome. Otherwise why are we all so crazy about Brad and Angelina?

Do you have any other tips on how to be awesome everyday? Let us know in the comments section below.