How to Be Comfortable at Work

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The level of comfort in a workplace can make a significant contribution to employee productivity. Just take a look around the office and note whether there are employees who are frequently changing their sitting postures. How many are they? Now look at yourself. Are you really comfortable?

There are several factors that lead to workplace comfort, including office ergonomics, workstation settings and personal appearance and style. As such, there are a number of things both employers and employees should do to increase the level of office comfort.

Get the Environment Right

Employers have a duty to invest in a workplace environment that enhances comfort and productivity. Imagine working in an office with naked electricity wires. There is no doubt you will spend some time thinking about your safety in the building. Offices should be safe and have sufficient safety equipment. The installation and arrangement of furniture in the office also matters. There should be ample space for workers to move around freely.

Limit Office Distractions

Annoying noises and visual distractions make your workplace uncomfortable. It could be the loud photocopying machine at the corner or a flickering light bulb. If you want to have a discomfort-free day, ensure everything is in the right place and sound working condition. If you work in a large office with several employees, let them know you don’t fancy unnecessary distractions.

Watch Your Diet

You don’t need a qualified dietician to tell you the negative effects of a poor diet. What’s more, these negative effects could spiral into the workplace. Having a heavy meal during your lunch break, for example, can easily cause you discomfort. For starters, you might feel sleepy, like you never slept for days or make endless trips to the washrooms! In general, it’s recommended to have light meals while at work and avoid hot beverages during hot days. This way, you will get through the day quite comfortably.

Workstation Comfort

It is one thing to have a general office environment that promotes comfort. It is another thing to have a correctly setup workstation. If you use a computer to perform most of your duties, it is important that you adjust your chair and computer desk accordingly, or risk suffering backaches and injuries. Although there is no single correct arrangement that is suitable for everyone, your feet should be flat on the floor, shoulders relaxed and the computer an arm’s length away. provides a detailed breakdown on setting up a safe and comfortable workstation.

The Way You Dress

Well, your dressing style can contribute to your comfort or discomfort at work. The way you look directly affects how you act, feel and think. We all have clothing preferences. Some of us love rocking the latest fashion trends while others don’t give a hoot about fashion! Regardless of preference, you should dress with confidence. Before choosing the day’s clothes, take a moment to think of your role and the occasion, and decide whether they will add to your comfort.

Finally, keep in mind that too much comfort in the workplace can lower your productivity. The trick is in striking the balance between what works and doesn’t work for you. 





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