How to Be Comfortable With Confrontation at Work

Confrontations are part and parcel of getting along and knowing each other better. People cannot co-exist without a few confrontations now and then. The workplace is no exception to conflicts. You and your co-workers will disagree on how to get work done among other things. How you manage confrontations matters a lot. It also influences your relationship with your workmates. Being comfortable with confrontation is a learning process. Here a few ways to make yourself comfortable with confrontations and grasp the art of conflict resolution.

Stay Clear Of Arguments

Your differences are what got you and your colleague in a confrontation in the first place. Hence, to avoid ugly confrontations try and dodge arguments as much as you can. Arguments only fuel volatile confrontations. Avoiding arguments will calm down things, and both of you can have some time to think. If your co-worker insists on talking to you and saying annoying things, do not answer back. Instead keep quiet and walk away to ease the temperature in the room and save your conversation for later.

Give Room for Explanations

When entangled in a confrontation with your fellow co-worker, make your point and give them an opportunity to explain themselves. Don’t be the kind of a person who is opinionated and talks without letting others justify themselves. For you to be comfortable with confrontations, you have to learn how to hold back and let your co-worker talk. Understandably, it is human nature to try and justify your feelings, but this will only create more confrontation. Give your co-worker room so speak and try to find a common ground.

Don’t Hold Grudges

After a confrontation avoid harboring ill feeling or grudges towards your work mate with whom you’ve had an altercation. Holding a grudge will keep you from moving forward from the confrontation. In addition, it may ruin your working relationship and your opportunities of getting a promotion. For this reason, keep an open mind after an altercation and learn to let things go.

Plan a Solution

Before embarking on a confrontation concerning an issue, plan out a solution. Your approach towards your co-worker will influence the direction of the confrontation. Having a solution at hand is a step towards a healthy confrontation without intense arguments and fights. Ensure you know the purpose of the confrontation before you approach your workmate.

Tackle the Main Issue

It is important to address the main issue causing the altercation. Focusing on the issue will create a platform for conflict resolution as both of you will be aware of the issues at hand. Do not bring up issues past your co-workers mistakes as this will only lead to more arguments. In addition, you can make the conversation constructive.

It is not always that you’ll be comfortable with confrontations. Nevertheless learn to express your feelings and differences in a calm manner. Confrontational conversations are healthy and can strengthen the working relationship between workers in an office.