How To Be Crowned "Employee of the Month"

Many businesses like to offer employee recognition as a way of motivating their staff and thanking them for their hard work. ‘Employee of the Month’ awards can bring prizes, perks and even set people up for promotion and pay rises.

So, how do you make sure you’re in the running? Here are some of the things employers look for when deciding who wins the prize and what you can do to make sure it’s you on the podium at the end of the month.


Reliability is paramount if you want to win and it’s also pretty easy to impress with. Make sure you arrive for work at least on-time, preferably a little early; keep attendance levels perfect and meet your deadlines. Don’t be the first one out of the door at clocking-off time and demonstrate your willingness to stay late if the business is busy and you can help.

Exceed expectations

Simply doing your day-to-day work satisfactorily is not enough to win you an award; it’s really just a given and you need to exceed your boss’s expectations if you are to impress. A few ways you can make a positive impact include:

  • Devising and implement systems that make your working practices more efficient.
  • Volunteering for projects others prefer to avoid.
  • Trying to anticipate issues and problems before they arise and take steps to avoid them.

Meet specific criteria

Most companies have specific, quantifiable criteria for the employee of the month; making the most sales or bringing in the most new accounts to the business, for example. Often, these criteria will change month on month as the business reaches milestones in its operational strategy. Make sure you are fully aware of the award criteria for each month so that you can work to achieve it and give yourself every chance of winning.

Never miss an opportunity to go that extra mile!

Be consistent

Some employee reward programs look for consistency of performance. This could mean showing qualities like perseverance, determination or motivation to see a particularly difficult and challenging task through to successful completion or consistently working well with your team of colleagues to achieve short-term objectives. Customer service workers often win awards for always showing patience and courtesy to clients even at stressful, busy times or in the face of adversity.


This is a rather prickly area when it comes to Employee of the Month awards. A major criticism of such programs is that they can easily become a popularity contest won by the worker who is most successful at getting cosy with the boss. Such subjectivity can be removed by basing the decision more on goals and tangible achievements.

However, if the winner is designated by votes cast by co-workers, you can increase your chances of success by staying positive and making an effort to get on well with everyone.

When it comes to winning the Employee of the Month award, it’s a matter of working out a strategy and sticking with it. Make sure you understand exactly what the criteria are for choosing the winner and work towards fulfilling them.





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