How to be Interesting During Your Interview

Basically, a job interview provides you with the opportunity to show employers how you stand out from the rest of the crowd. It’s your only chance to convince employers you are a unique individual that differentiates himself from other candidates in terms of experience, qualifications, skills and most importantly personality.

From the employer’s point of view, the job interview is the tool that helps him determine whether you are a good fit for the position or not. So, when interviewers are faced with the decision to choose the right candidate, they end up choosing the one who has made a strong positive impression. In essence, if you manage to prove you are an interesting individual, you’ll get the job!

Here’s how your interesting personality can impress the interviewer:

#1 Prepare some interesting questions

Prior to the interview, prepare some interesting questions for the interviewer. Your objective here is to avoid asking the same cliché questions as every other candidate. You could always turn the conversation around, by asking the interviewer about his experience at the company or plans in regards to a new business product or service.

#2 Check body language

If you want to be an interesting candidate, you should be constantly aware of your body language. As you know, body language affects how other people see you. So if you want to make a positive impact on how you are perceived, retain an open gesture towards your interviewer and mirror his/her poses. Use your hands as much as possible and relax your shoulders to show that you are confident about what you are saying.  

#3 Tell stories

Don’t just provide answers, tell stories. Give some amazing and interesting answers while story-telling personal experiences. Telling a story is the same as providing examples that describe personal achievement and how you meet skills, but with a minor narrative twist so it shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. The only difference is that your stories are not tales and are based on real life experiences!

#4 Get the interviewer talking

Most people like talking about themselves, so it is possible that when you ask the interviewer a question about himself, he will respond positively. Obviously you don’t want to seem nosy about the guy’s past; just make sure that you show you are interested in what he has to say. So try to engage the interviewer in a positive conversation on a topic of your choice in which he is more likely to be interested in.

#5 Express your style

Even though it is better to wear classic suits and neutral coloured clothing for a job interview, there is nothing wrong with being a little creative. Show your artistic talent with one or two accessories that allows you to be comfortable and express your individual style. It could be a bright accessory, a hat, or bright tie, or something that will help employers remember you at the end of the day.

In the end, it’s all about retaining a pleasant personality throughout the interview and making a strong positive impression. So, what’s the best way to prove you are an interesting individual during a job interview? Leave your comments below. 

Image Source: iStock