How to Be More Confident In the Workplace

Workplace confidence is not easy to come by if you are typically shy by nature. Even if you are not shy, workplace confidence can easily be knocked by difficult employees, a stressful workload or general workplace pressures.

Learning to be more confident in the workplace can dramatically alter your day-to-day experiences. It will enable you to get your point across more easily and overall, complete your workload with vigor. Nevertheless it is crucial to remember that if you demonstrate too much workplace confidence you will be perceived as arrogant.

Your perception of yourself has a huge impact on how you are perceived by other and there are many factors that you can incorporate into your day to day life to improve your overall confidence levels. Below are some tips on how you can build your self confidence:

Dress the part                                            

The way you dress has a dramatic impact on the way that you feel. Ensure that you are well dressed in the workplace and above all else, comfortable. If you are sharply dressed and look well presented, this will naturally give you greater levels of confidence.

Walk the Walk

How you walk says a lot about who you are and how confident you are. If you walk with your shoulders back, your head held high and your back straight, you will exude confidence. Research suggests that people who walk at a good pace also demonstrate greater levels of confidence, whilst those who are sluggish and slow demonstrate they have nowhere important to go and nothing important to do. Walking 25% faster will make you look and feel more important.

Contribute in meetings and discussions

Despite many individuals feeling shy, inhibited or afraid to speak up during a meeting, it is crucial to do so if you wish to be taken seriously and perceived with confidence. Over time, you will find that you naturally contribute more in meetings and your opinions on matters will be taken seriously. This will also build up your confidence levels and boost your public speaking skills.