How To Be More Organised

Tired of trying to catch up with your never ending workload? Desperate for a way to be more organised in your working life? Use our guide below to improve your organisation skills and get more done!

Work through your projects one at a time

Though multitasking is a skill most of us are glad to possess, it can also do more harm than good. Try to complete one project at a time, so that you can focus all of your attention on that particular task. By multitasking, you won’t be putting 100% into a given task, meaning that your work will suffer as a result.

Clear your desk

Clutter makes us feel both mentally and physically disorganised, so take a 10 minute break to clear your clutter. Keep all your frequently used items within arm’s reach in one location, and throw away any old work that’s lying around.

Take time to reflect

Take ten minutes at the end of your working day to figure out how’ve progressed and where you stand for tomorrow. Write a list of all of today’s achievements, so that you can clearly see how you’ve progressed. Some days, we think that we’ve barely achieved anything in a given day, when in fact, we’ve accomplished quite a lot. This will make you feel more motivated and give you more drive for tomorrow.

After this, write down everything you intend to achieve tomorrow. Break the list down into primary and secondary priorities, and also specify when you intend to complete these tasks. Are you better at concentrating in the morning? If so, use this time to focus on a particularly taxing task.


Don’t be afraid to delegate. The whole point of being in a position of seniority is to reach out to your employees and have them handle some of your responsibilities. This will help you to focus your energy on the tasks that matter.






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