How to Be More Productive with Your Smartphone During Downtime

We all lead busy lives and most of us want to stay productive each day. When you find that rare downtime during lunch time, break time or while waiting for a meeting, do you find yourself aimlessly surfing through your social media newsfeeds? Why not turn your downtime into productive energy? This article will share several tips on how to be more productive with your smartphone during your downtime.

1. Administrative Tasks

Utilize your downtime to listen to any voicemails you have and to return any missed phone calls. Go through your emails and respond to any that you haven’t been able to answer yet. Many times we ignore the spam emails we receive. Use this time to clean out your inbox and delete anything that is unnecessary. Place read (and handled) emails into folders so that your inbox remains neat and clean. Review the emails from various lists you’re on, and if you haven’t read any of those newsletters or emails in several months, consider unsubscribing from the mailing lists.

2. Networking Tasks

Use this downtime for something more productive than simply scrolling through the newsfeeds on your social media accounts. With our busy schedules, we don’t always get a chance to respond to connection requests on social media sites like LinkedIn. Review any new connection requests you’ve recently received and respond by accepting those you want to be connected with. Check out the recent chatter on various groups you belong to, and respond to any relevant postings. In the Twitter world, review the notifications you have. There may be some pertinent tweets or other notifications that you need to respond to. If you’re active as an entrepreneur, check out the hashtags for your field or terms like #entrepreneur to see what others are tweeting about, and respond to anything interesting you find. Take advantage of this downtime to connect with others by retweeting some folks that you follow or who follow you. Networking success happens when you “share the love” online and promote others. Post an inspirational quote to your Facebook profile or business page. Check out the latest posts in any groups that you belong to.

3. Organizational Tasks

Since we’re all so busy with our daily lives, sometimes one of the best things to do is to become more organized in order to accomplish more tasks. One way to get organized is to create a to-do list. The basic idea is to make sure that you actually review the to-do list and remain accountable to it. Obviously, circumstances may dictate a deviation from that list. However, you should use it as a baseline for maintaining daily productivity. The Verge reviewed the best to-do list apps for smartphones and three apps on the list are WunderlistTodoist and OmniFocus. Make the to-do list count by prioritizing tasks and setting reminders for yourself.

4. Educational Tasks

Regardless of our educational background, we should all learn to cultivate the art of continual education. This involves an attitude that is open to new ways of thinking as well as creative brainstorming sessions. Additionally, a person who is a lifetime learner wants to continually grow and develop personally and in their chosen career. For this downtime productivity step, you can find ways to learn new things, develop your mental capacity, hone your creativity, and brainstorm new ideas for your business or current work projects. DailyBurn recently reviewed the top ten brain apps such as Lumosity and CogniFit which offer beneficial mind games to develop your cognitive abilities. Regarding brainstorming during your downtime, Mashable reviewed 24 mind mapping tools such as SpiderScribe and MindMeister which allow users to create and share ideas with others. It’s important to continually read each day so that you enhance your brain function and expand your knowledge. Kevin Lee from Buffer Social shared 25 newsletters and tools where individuals can find new content online for reading for educational and sharing purposes.

5. Personal Tasks

In addition to being productive in your career and daily job tasks, maintaining a productive personal life will also enhance your life fulfillment and make you a better person in your work. This last downtime task involves catching up on anything pertaining to your personal life such as managing your daily to-do list, getting in touch with friends or family that you haven’t spoken to in a while, and handling any financial tasks or issues. Take this time to send a text or email or to make a phone call to a friend you’d like to catch up with. Utilize your mobile banking app to review your recent charges to your bank account. Consistent review of your charges will ensure that you are aware of any fraudulent activity to your account. Additionally, you can utilize this downtime to review the photos saved on your phone and delete any that you don’t want to save or later transfer to your computer or flash drive. One final tip is to reorganize your apps and delete the ones that you are no longer using in order to free up storage on your smartphone.

There are many ways to become more productive with your downtime simply by more effectively utilizing your smartphone as detailed by the five tasks outlined in this article. What ways have you used to become more productive during your downtime or do you have any other ideas to share?




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